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Casson, Alfred Joseph, 1898-1992, Group of Seven/Groupe des Sept, (McKendry; Vallée 83;
------Vallée 89; Vallée 93; Hill; Harper; Art Gallery of Ontario; NG1; Hubbard; Firestone Art
------Collection; Sir George Williams University; McMichael Canadian Art Collection; Duval;
------Lord; Newlands; Giles; Queen's University; Fine Arts in Canada; Canadian Drawings;
------Block Prints; University of Guelph; Art Gallery of Hamilton; Dalhousie Art Gallery;
------Development of Painting in Canada: 1665-1945; ; The Canadian Society
------of Painters in Water Colour; Toronto Dominion Bank Collection; , 1972;
------History of Art in Toronto Schools; Canadian War Posters; Art Auctions 1976-1978;
------Biographical Index of Artists in Canada; ; vol. 1, pp. 461a-463a;
------; Ontario Collection)

A.J. Casson, , Collection of
the Canadian Pulp & Paper Association,
on the cover jacket of the following book:

William Albert Allard

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National Geographic acclaimed photographers like William Albert Allard and Ed Kashi to Pulitzer Prize winning David Turnley, 16 acclaimed British photographers along with some of India’s biggest names in photography will be showcased. The exhibition will be held at the exotic One School Goa campus which boasts of a 100 year old beautiful Portuguese villa with lush green lawns, sit outs and pop-up cafes. This Festival shouts out to all those out there with a passion for photography to come and enjoy Goa in its true glory..Come live the romance!

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Carr, Emily, 1871-1945 (Magazin'art, v. 12(1), 1999, pp. 97-100 and 135-138 (E);
------Sir George Williams University; McKendry; Vallée 83; Vallée 89; Vallée 93;
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------Development of Painting in Canada: 1665-1945; Collection
------Lavalin du Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal; Toronto Dominion Bank Collection;
------; , 1971; History of Art in Toronto Schools;
------Duval 1952; Art Auctions 1976-1978; Biographical Index of Artists in Canada;
------; vol. 1, pp. 451a-454a;
------; Early Women Artists; ;
------200 Years of Botanical Art in British Columbia)

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