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Anti-Federalist Papers: Brutus #1 - Constitution Society If respect is to be paid to the opinion of the greatest and wisest men who have ever thought or wrote on the ...

In addition, Jonathon, a student who wrote an essay comparing Brutus and Cassius, ...

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The book is addressed to the famous Marcus Brutus who, less than two years after it was written, stabbed Julius Caesar to death in the senate-house at Rome.

essays published in New York newspapers over course of 2 years (1787-1788) who wrote them

I must therefore, try my skill in a long-neglected and uncultivated soil; which I will endeavour to improve with so much care, that I may be able to repay your liberality with interest; provided my genius should be so happy as to resemble a fertile field, which, after being suffered to lie fallow a considerable time, produces a heavier crop than usual." "Very well," replied , "I shall expect the fulfilment of your promise; but I shall not insist upon it till it suits your convenience; though, after all, I shall certainly be better pleased if you discharge the obligation." "And I also," said , "shall expect that you perform your promise to my friend Atticus: nay, though I am only his voluntary agent, I shall, perhaps, be very pressing for the discharge of a debt, which the creditor himself is willing to submit to your own choice." "But I shall refuse to pay you," said I, "unless the original creditor takes no farther part in the suit." "This is more than I can promise," replied he, "for I can easily foresee, that this easy man, who disclaims all severity, will urge his demand upon you, not indeed to distress you, but yet very closely and seriously." "To speak ingenuously," said Atticus, "my friend Brutus, I believe, is not much mistaken: for as I now find you in good spirits, for the first time, after a tedious interval of despondency, I shall soon make bold to apply to you; and as this gentleman has promised his assistance, to recover what you owe me, the least I can do is to solicit, in my turn, for what is due to him." "Explain your meaning," said I.

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