An Associate Press article that hit the wire last night as follows

Former Colorado University professor Ward Churchill was vilified for comparing Sept

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In a March 2 letter to the Post, Steven Beckman writes, "I am a tenured associate professor at the University of Colorado at Denver, and given the recent news that Ward Churchill may have based a drawing he sold on a published drawing, I have a confession to make. I have a stained-glass picture I hang in my office and I tell people I made it. However, in fact, I took the design from a book. I never tell visitors this. Given the current climate, I thought I should get this out in the open before some investigative reporter cracked the story." Beckman's letter is complete nonsense. Most significantly, Beckman did not try to sell somebody else's work with his name on it, as Churchill did. Also, Breckman equivocates on the term "made," and he doesn't mention whether the design in the book was copyrighted. We often see people in art museums drawing some famous painting, and that's not a problem.

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Ward Churchill's Case To Win Back His Job At CU ..

The Rocky Mountain News reveals one of Churchill's most recent lies in its March 3 On Point: "At a speech Tuesday in Wisconsin, professor Ward Churchill once again denied he'd justified the 9/11 attacks or called for the slaughter of Americans. How distracted and stupid he must think Coloradans are. In the very essay that provoked the controversy, he writes that terrorists may someday choose anthrax, mustard gas, sarin or a tactical nuclear device and then 'push back' against America. 'As they should,' he adds. 'As they must'."

07/06/2012 · Former University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill may have been fired five years ago, but he's not done fighting to get his job back

August 15, 2014
Ward Churchill loses appeal to win back CU job
DENVER (AP) — A former University of Colorado professor who compared some Sept.

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