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 War and Economy Spur Stock Drops:Adminstration Economist Voices Apprehension as Market Falls 19.07

Report of Songmy Incident Wins a Pulitzer for Hersh

A: There are lots of ways to relax before you fall asleep at camp. If you are still awake, try these simple techniques: read a book in bed with your flashlight, write a letter, play solitaire or count sheep! BUT REMEMBER- NEVER LEAVE YOUR BUNK AFTER LIGHTS OUT!

Study of LSD Spurs Suspicions of Drug's Link to Birth Defects

U.S. Officials In Saigon Reduce Their Hopes in Cambodia Drive

The German propagandists turned out predictably consistent pornography and outright lies in an attempt to terrorize Allied soldiers to turn one against another...The German leaflets were suffused with sex, bigotry and deceit; all Allied leaders were corrupt Jews, notably politicians and bankers; Negroes at home were sleeping with our sweethearts and wives while we were engaged in a useless, futile war where we would die in battle They used current film stars such as Loretta Young to symbolize our wives and girlfriends, the ideal American beauty, whose portrait had obviously been spirited from a Chevrolet advertisement

"They were understanding orders to take cover and return any fire," he said.

The cartoon is signed “Lindloff,” and is most likely Hans-Maria Lindloff (1878-1960). Lindloff was political cartoonist who worked for a number of magazines including the a famous German satirical magazine.

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In Sefton Delmer’s article “HMG's Secret Pornographer,” published in , 21 February 1972, Delmer, head of a special section of the British Political Warfare Executive suspects these leaflets might have been a waste of time. He points out that:

This descent is often called katabasis in Greek mystery religions.

Another “divide and conquer” leaflet depicts a British Army officer holding the breast of a semi-naked French woman while her husband is shown in a front-line trench peeping out from behind barbed wire. These leaflets were produced during the “Phony War” of 1940 in an attempt to convince the French that they were being sacrificed at the Front while the British vacationed with their women behind the lines.

More evidence is found in Joseph Balkoski, Stackpole Books, , 1989:

A: Why do campers return to Ramah year after year? To be with their friends! And we know the importance of these special friendships. However, camp consists of private and public spaces. Bunks are private spaces where people change clothes, shower, rest, and relax. While you might feel comfortable with a certain situation, someone else might not! Therefore, boys are not allowed inside girls' bunks and girls are not allowed inside boys' bunks.

We used the leaflets for toilet paper.

A: No, campers are not allowed to smoke at camp. If you are caught smoking at camp it will result in a phone call to your parents and you will be sent home.

Where is Tommy Staying? – First Type

A fourth set of five “Les mylords a l’etape” see-through cards depicted three French soldiers crushed under rubble and the usual scenes of French women with British soldiers when held to the light. These cards were prepared but never disseminated. A sixth card might exist but has not been found as yet.