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How to Write the USC Application Essays 2015-2016Oct 2015 Applying to University of Southern California? Check out the CollegeVine ( formerly Admissions Hero) guide to writing the USC application essay! This question may feel like an extension of the Common App in that it simply Please Select -, Senior (12th), Junior (11th), Sophomore (10th), Freshman (9th)University of Southern California Undergraduate These University of Southern California college application essays were All of our sample college essays include the question prompt and the year writtenApplying for Admission – Vanguard University | Non-refundable application fee; Official high school or GED transcript (all to your pastor; The required Christian Experience Statement prompt is listed below submit an Abbreviated Application to the Undergraduate Admissions Office

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This may be obvious advice as well, but spelling and grammar can make a difference. It’s so easy to use spell check these days that I’m often surprised when I find students who haven’t mastered how to spell words like “definitely.” Although we are looking at the college essay more for the content than anything else, it can be hard to ignore multiple glaring mistakes in one essay or application. Writing is an important part of being a college student, thus we want to make certain that students have the ability to write an essay with a solid structure while paying attention to spelling and grammar.