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Furthermore, of the Act poses an ideological testfor entry into the United States that takes into considerationcore political speech. Representatives of a political or socialgroup "whose public endorsement of acts of terrorist activitythe Secretary of State has determined undermines United Statesefforts to reduce or eliminate terrorist activities" can nolonger gain entry into the United States. Entry is also barred to non-citizenswho have used their "position of prominence within any countryto endorse or espouse terrorist activity," if the Secretary ofState determines that their speech "undermines United Statesefforts to reduce or eliminate terrorist activities."

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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Patriot Act

The launches athree-pronged assault on our privacy. First, the Act grants theexecutive branch unprecedented, and largely unchecked,surveillance powers, including the enhanced ability to trackemail and Internet usage, conduct sneak-and-peek searches,obtain sensitive personal records, monitor financialtransactions, and conduct nationwide roving wiretaps. Second,the Act permits law enforcement agencies to circumvent the's requirement of probable cause when conductingwiretaps and searches that have, as "a significant purpose," thegathering of foreign intelligence. Third, the Act allows for thesharing of information between criminal and intelligenceoperations and thereby opens the door to a resurgence ofdomestic spying by the Central Intelligence Agency.

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Received apology from FBI
Mayfield, a Muslim convert, was taken into custody on May 6, 2004, because of a fingerprint found on a detonator at the scene of the Madrid bombing. The FBI said the print matched Mayfield's. He was released about two weeks later, and the FBI admitted it had erred in saying the fingerprints were his and later apologized to him.

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Perhaps the most radical provision of the is,which amends FISA's wiretap and physical searchprovisions. Under FISA, court orders permitting the executive toconduct surreptitious foreign intelligence wiretaps and physicalsearches may be obtained without the showing of probable causerequired for wiretaps and physical searches in criminalinvestigations. Until the enactment of the Act, orders issuedunder FISA's lax standards were restricted to situations wherethe gathering of foreign intelligence information was "thepurpose" of the surveillance.

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Under of the Act, courts are required to order theinstallation of a pen register and a trap and tracedevice to track both telephoneand Internet "dialing, routing, addressing and signalinginformation" anywhere within theUnited States when a government attorney has certified that theinformation to be obtained is " to an ongoingcriminal investigation." Section 216states that orders issued under its authority cannot permitthe tracking of the "contents of any wire or electroniccommunications." However, in the case of email messages andInternet usage, the Act does not address the complex question ofwhere the line should be drawn between "dialing, routing,addressing and signaling information" and "content." Unliketelephone communications, where the provision of dialinginformation does not run the risk of revealingcontent, email messages movetogether in packets that include both address and contentinformation. Also, the question of whether a list of web sitesand web pages that have been visited constitutes "dialing,routing, addressing and signaling information" or "content" hasyet to be resolved.

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The FISA provision that was amended by had beenlimited in scope to "records" in the possession of "a commoncarrier, public accommodation facility, physical storagefacility, or vehicle rental facility." Section 215 extends beyond "records"to "tangible things" and is no longer limited in terms of theentities from whom the production of tangible things can berequired. A Congressional oversightprovision will require the Attorney General to submitsemi-annual reports on its activities under Section215. Section 215 is scheduled to expire onDecember 31, 2005.

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With respect to the , the Court acknowledged theconstitutional basis for the President's domestic security role,but refused to exempt the President from the Fourth Amendment'swarrant requirement. The Courtexplained that the oversight function assumed by the judiciaryin its review of applications for warrants "accords with ourbasic constitutional doctrine that individual freedoms will bestbe preserved through a separation of powers and division offunctions among the different branches and levels ofGovernment."