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We learn Shevchenko’s poems since childhood, we read about his hard life, about his sufferings and struggles and tears that he couldn’t hold because it was unbearable to endure everything that was happening to his dear Ukraine. Every conscious and educated Ukrainian can recite at least one of Shevchenko’s poems by heart. Each and every book that has ever been written about him says that he was one of the greatest and most outstanding figures in Ukrainian history, a hero, whose heart was beating and aching for the Ukrainian nation till it stopped. No matter how arduous it was, no matter what he was going through, Shevchenko never stopped pursuing the goal of his Fatherland’s revival. And his dream did come true.

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After living in America for nearly half a century, my Dido (grandfather), moved back to his native Ukraine at the age of 82. He hoped that after the victory of the Orange Revolution, Ukraine would finally establish a true democracy. He wanted to live out the rest of his life in the homeland he had to leave as a young man. He wanted to die on Ukrainian soil.

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Ukraine detains two Russian soldiers near Protracted conflict was gift to Russian leader whose expansionism in Ukraine had The Guardian back to top home; USUkraine Interactive map Russia war on Ukraine in Donbas and Crimea History of Ukraine conflict Liveuamap News Read also ISIS Why did so few Romans object to arena spectacles?
Public entertainments and sporting activities were a very important aspect of Roman life.

“The West will not intervene, and Putin knows it. I am sure that no war between Russia and Ukraine is possible.

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“Putin’s determination to defend the interests of the Russian-speaking population in Ukraine has once again shown the world the power and might of Russia. Your country now plays a huge role on the world political arena. This is demonstrated by the strong position of Russia on Syria, and the success of the Olympic Games, and now – Russia’s reaction to the events in Ukraine, which became clear message to the West. I think that Putin demonstrated the power of Russia, although somewhat outdated in today’s world imperial methods,” – said Kozluklu.

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Interlocutor of the agency believes that Vladimir Putin acted with the expectation that the West will not actively intervene in the conflict between Russia and the new Ukrainian government.

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Putin’s actions were intended solely to prevent further escalation of tensions in the Ukraine. Threat to use armed force to defend the Russian-speaking population has been a good deterrent for Ukrainian radicals and their supporting European politicians. “Calm down, we’re close – that was Putin’s message,” – said Fuat Kolzuklu.