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independent voices.

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Drawing on 15 in-depth interviews conducted in Western Canada in 1996, the results clearly demonstrate the existence of active lesbian viewers, whose interpretations of popular film are intimately informed by lesbian-specific life experiences and cultural competencies.

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Although this practice adhered to the formal aspirations of the avant-garde and feminist concerns with the potential of the image to signify cultural change, these works were embraced by neither group.

Series title: Inside popular film.

The queens' easy acceptance by the earthy aborigines, their resemblance to the gorgeous indigenous reptiles--these scenes seem to suggest that homosexuality is in some way timeless and integral to planetary life." [Proquest]

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The film's screenplay is an exemplary piece of sensitive adaptation; events referred to in asides by Proulx are clarified, and ambiguities are both removed and renewed."

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Lee weaves a net of reinforcing images over the screenplay to hand, occasionally generating them from suggestions in the text and in the story that subtends it, occasionally leaning on his own unfaltering instincts.

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Topics include the performance of Heath Ledger as Ennis, the ambiguity surrounding the murder of Jack, criticism of screenwriters Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana for misrepresenting the short story, and the words that suggest one man can make another man gay.

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Examples of mainstream acceptance of queer themes, such as the motion picture "Brokeback Mountain" or the television show "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" are cited as examples of the tension between wanting to achieve success, but not at the expense of selling out queer identities.

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Brokeback Mountain may serve as a tragic example of the limits of tragedy for gay storytelling--at least tragedy that tragedy demanding the realism of inexpressive bodies and dominant landscape." [Art Index]

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The Brokeback Mountain parodies, for example, can be interpreted as an effort to feel more and differently by returning the icons to the flatness in which, ironically, they can experience greater freedom.

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A short film directed by Liza Johnson titled "Desert Motel," about a lesbian couple and their transgender friend, is analyzed in terms of its relevance to such issues." [EBSCO]