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It has always been one of those intricate issues that lead to the argument of whether juveniles should receive proper treatment or imprisoned like any other criminals, and often trialed as adults.

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Ages 14-17 should be treated as adults in cases like
Premeditated Murder
High Level Robberies
Sexual Assault

This does not include minors with
Mental Illness
Self Defense Cases
Juveniles Should Be
Tried As Adults

Toddlers/Preschoolers-age 3 or 4 - the parent still is their "external conscience"

Younger Children:age 6 - begin developing an internal conscience.

While these crimes are still serious, they do not necessarily warrant treating juveniles as adults

01 May 2014.
Developmental Stages
Developmental Stages
Pro's of Treating Juveniles This Age as Adults

Commissioner Bratton of New York stated that, fighting juvenile crime has yielded amazing results in New York City.

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