Happy Birthday, George Washington.

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By Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. A person fondly looks back with love as theyremember their grandparents. "...Well he used to sing "Blood on theSaddle" and rock me on his knee. And he'd let me listen to the radiobefore we got tv...My grandma was a teacher, she went to school in BowlingGreen. Traded in a milking cow for a sewing machine..."

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By . Aboutthe downward spiral of . "...There we were on the floor. Slumped over and slidingdownward. With syringes hanging out of our arms...the destruction of aperson..."

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By House of Freaks. Song is about domestic violence. "...A thousandmiles away from home with no where in the world to go. Can you still love mewith broken bones?..."

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It is no slight step, when God's aim, hitherto unknown, is learnt; that in His work this gift is for this, that for the other purpose; when it is felt that the best gifts may be misused and wasted; that they need governing, and may and must be ruled.(

"For Study and Discussion: page 394 #'s 1-4

These lights, too, are "to rule over the day and over the night." To rule the creature, much more to rule such gifts as the day, wrought by God Himself in it, as yet has been unknown.

"The Erl-King" by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe pages 395-396

By Marc Cohn. A tribute to , the point of entry to the United States for many immigrants."I was driving down Ninth Avenue, as the sky was getting dark. Didn't havenothin' else to do so I kept on riding to Battery Park ... I could almost hearthe sounds of thousands pushing through the lines. Mothers and bewildered wivesthat sailed across the raging sea. Others runnin' for their lives, to the landof opportunity. Down on Ellis Island..."

"For Study and Discussion" page 396 #'s 1-3

So faith wanes and waxes, and Christ is seen and hid, each change making the creature learn its own dependence; forcing it to feel, that, though blessed, it is a creature, all whose springs of life and joy are not its own.

"Lord Randal" Anonymous author page 384

At last "the Sun of Righteousness arose with healing in His wings." The world has not exhausted, it has scarcely touched, the wealth of spiritual light and life in Him. THE LIGHTS OF CHILDHOOD, MANHOOD, AND THE HEAVENLY STATE.

"All in green went my love riding" by e.e. cummings pages 386-387

By . Song wasinspired by actual events, and written as a response to 1979 race riots inMiami. Song with respect to the treatment ofminorities and poor people in America. "...You're guilty 'till provenguilty. Isn't that the law. Guilty 'till proven guilty that's what wesaw...Justice isn't blind, it just looks the other way. Not from want of trying.I have nothing left to say..."