Tools of the Trade: Subjects and Verbs

If the question is about technique, talk about how it affects the others-one per paragraph.

In General, Avoid the Swamp of Published Criticism

However, this tragedy departs from the classic plot structure of a tragedy in which the protagonist has made a mistake or done something that leads inevitably to his destruction (the main action).

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— Drama/England; — Revenge, Fighting, Grieving; — Respect; Caring.

Everyone is different and when other people are affected by our actions, there is an increased risk that we won't accurately predict how they'll react.

Mel Gibson's portrayal of Hamlet is strong and full of life.

It is appropriate to see the film prior to reading the play or while it is being read, as long as watching the movie does not serve as a substitute for reading.

The action of the play is easy to follow and moves quickly.

He lies on top of her and humps to mock them.

There are annotated editions of Shakespeare's plays with explanations of the antique phrases set out in the margins or on a page facing the text.

There is some minor violence between them.

Another excellent idea is to assign parts to several people in the class or the family or among friends and to read various scenes, or the entire play if you can.

There is some carousing but it is not a major part of the movie.

Suggested portions to read are: Act One, Scene III through the exit of Laertes; Act Two, Scene II, beginning at line 575; Act Three, Scene I, beginning at line 56; Act Three, Scene II through the exit of the Players and Act Four, Scene IV.

After the movie, ask and help your child to answer the .

Another possible answer is Gertrude, but by the end of the play, under the Ghost's tutelage, Hamlet has forgiven her.

10. Should Hamlet have forgiven Claudius for killing his father, seducing his mother, and stealing the crown?

If your child gets into it, go over as many of the as you can.

The answer is "No." Given the absolute power of medieval monarchs and the fact that Claudius was intent on killing Hamlet, there was probably no way to deal with him other than assassination.

Teachers can modify the worksheets to fit the needs of each class.

It can be done as a competition between individuals or groups, as a project (with the results described to the class by the students) or as a written assignment.

For quick discussion questions relating to this movie, .

(Treat others with respect; follow the Golden Rule; Be tolerant of differences; Use good manners, not bad language; Be considerate of the feelings of others; Don't threaten, hit or hurt anyone; Deal peacefully with anger, insults and disagreements)

8. In the context of this play, when kings held absolute power and there was no independent justice system, can you think of any way to deal with Claudius other than to kill him?