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The main ones are vehicles in the main shopping streets and tourism to the historic areas of the cities, traffic delays on the restricted approach to the city, delays to the bus services, queuing for parking spaces and dangerous conditions for pedestrians and cyclists.

Even without the distractions the crosswalks are rather difficult to see and be able to stop if a pedestrian steps into it.

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-The theme of modernization is constantly addressed throughout the story by describing the settings.
Focus of the Story
In Leonard's world, they have a reached a point where technology has stripped the society of imagination and any form of fellowship.
The Pedestrian
By Ray Bradbury

- Ray Bradbury uses the literary devices in
The Pedestrian
such as Symbolism, Setting, Point of View, and Conflict to develop the theme that teaches us to not evolve to antisocial beings.

Daria and her lover, Tom, were crossing the road on a pedestrian crossing when Tom was hit and killed by a car being negligently driven by Steve.

Road rage is defined as an incident in which an angry or impatient motorist or passenger intentionally injures or kills another motorist passenger or pedestrian, or attempts or threatens to injure another motorist passenger or pedestrian, explains Gary Ronald, Public Affairs Manager, AA....

These short stories and film include Technology Can Push Our Buttons, There Will Come Soft Rains, Harrison Bergeron, The Pedestrian and Wall-e.

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It detects pedestrian, position, distance from car, light conditions and stopping distance -taking speed and weather condition from the already present car systems....

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Concept Using a scan and process independent computer, this system is designed increase pedestrian safety, by indicating to the driver the presence of a pedestrian by an outlined transparent image projected unto the screen.

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Many ways in which this can happen are shown in the short story, "The Pedestrian." It shows examples of this in the way which the man is treated and how the whole world has become such a cold place.

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In “The Pedestrian”, Ray Bradbury uses the setting to dominantly portray the desolate and barren setting to show how lonely and deserted cities will be when technology controls the human population.

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Local elected officials, particularly city council members and borough presidents, have to be reminded that greenways can multiply the value and variety of open space in the region at very low cost in public resources; under ISTEA, bike and pedestrian projects may be paid for using a 20/80 local/federal matching formula....