We often use and , and to show degree with adverbs:

In most cases, however, the form without the  ending should be reserved for casual situations:

This issue is addressed in the section on .

There is so much to respond to in your piece– I am especially grateful for the surprise comment that fell out of your mouth in the company of your old friend, which catalyzed this reflection.

Adverbs (as well as adjectives) in their various degrees can be accompanied by premodifiers:

It would be better if "She grew to be only four feet tall."

Review the section on for some advice on adverbs that we can eliminate to the benefit of our prose: intensifiers such as , and that don't intensify anything and expletive constructions ("There are several books that address this issue.")

The following adverbs of frequency appear in various points in these sentences:

Some examples of foods in season during June, July, and August are tomatoes, bell peppers, and zucchini. The list goes on and on. This will come in handy when shopping for fresh produce on a budget whether you’re at the grocery store or farmers’ market. I’m excited to try some new recipes this summer!

Misplacement can also occur with very simple modifiers, such as  and :

The adverb comes before adjectives and other adverbs:

Although negative constructions like the words "not" and "never" are usually found embedded within a verb string — "He has never been much help to his mother." — they are technically not part of the verb; they are, indeed, adverbs. However, a so-called negative adverb creates a negative meaning in a sentence the use of the usual no/not/neither/nor/never constructions:

The adverb is often followed by an :

You will sometimes hear a phrase like "scholastically speaking" or "financially speaking" in these circumstances, but the word "speaking" is seldom necessary.

A clause will modify nouns of time:

Connections is Connecticut College's reinvention of liberal arts education—a new kind of curriculum that lets you integrate your interests into a meaningful educational pathway to carry you through college and into a fulfilling, effective career and life.

And a clause will modify the noun

You'll orchestrate your education with the support of a team of advisers. You'll learn to collaborate, innovate and solve new problems in our complex world. With interdisciplinary study, a relevant internship, a world language, and an interconnected outlook, .

And yet, I am profoundly unfree.

Walk through the Arboretum to observe trees as a whole, with their unique bark and branching patterns, twigs, buds, any leftover fruit and persistent leaves - recognizable even in winter.

Conn classrooms include our 750-acre Arboretum.

Of course flying with a baby is torture. Visiting New York City with a baby is hard. But I breastfeed and my baby doesn’t take a bottle well and I couldn’t imagine how my husband could take care of the baby at night without me and my mammary glands, and so I brought my mother and my baby with me to New York. As it happened, I also got in touch with a friend I hadn’t seen in ten years, and he came to our hotel room to chat with me and see the baby before it was time to go to the party.