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A Generation of Seekers: The Spiritual Journeys of the Baby Boom Generation.

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They have freedom of thought, they demand freedom of speech. Søren Kierkegaard 1813-1855, Danish existentialist philosopher and theologian
If we are to go forward, we must go back and rediscover those precious values -- that all reality hinges on moral foundations and that all reality has spiritual control. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Thus spirituality, while being a private journey, finds its most comforting expression in the context of community.

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In its broadest sense, spirituality is the relational component of lived experience." Even the traditional Christian Doctrine of the Trinity models this principle of interrelated oneness.

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The Rule was written in the sixth century as a guide to monastics living in community to support their efforts to live the gospel. We believe that it provides our two educational institutions with a foundational set of values for a liberal arts education in today's world. We seek, in this essay, to articulate the basic elements of Benedictine spirituality, given in the Rule and part of our heritage as Benedictine colleges. In this discussion of Benedictine values we try to stay close to the text of the Rule, highlighting the richness of its language and imagery.

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The spirituality of Benedict is profoundly Christo-centric, that is, centered on the person of Jesus Christ. The Rule expresses this character in a number of sentences that act as summary statements. For example, for monastics the love of Christ is to come before all else (RB 4.21), and they are to pray for enemies out of love for Christ (RB 4:72). Christ is embodied and received in guests (RB 53.7), in the poor (RB 53:15), in the sick (RB 36.1), and in the abbot or prioress (RB 2.2, 63.13). As RB scholar, Columba Stewart, OSB, has noted, "Benedict's utter faith in the divine Son of God casts into even sharper relief his insight that this divine Christ is to be found and even adored in other human beings (RB 53.7). His incarnate presence is not limited to Jesus of Nazareth, but remains among us in the monastic leaders, the sick, the guest, the poor, a list so inclusive as to signify Christ's presence in all whom one meets."

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"In wildness is the preservation of the world," Henry David Thoreau famously wrote in his essay, "Walking." In A Sand County Almanac, conservationist/ecologist Aldo Leopold asked, "Of what avail are forty freedoms without a blank spot on the map?"

All people, of course, don't share the same perceived benefits when it comes to wilderness, and an individual's values can shift over time.

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Then, of course, there is the problem of disagreement among religions,sects, and denominations about which pronouncements are the correct onesin the first place. Where there are disagreements, which rules are theones that a knowledgeably superior deity really gave? How does one sortout among those conflicting pronouncements which have no merit that isbased on human reason or experience, the ones which humans ought to obeybecause they reflect a wisdom we can not understand nor appreciate? Thisis a real problem, but it seems to me that it is a problem that schoolscan largely work around because many sectarian disagreements are not aboutissues that involve how we should behave toward each other. Schools caneasily leave out altogether issues that don't have civil implications suchas whether Christians or Reform Jews ought to follow the kosher laws orany of the other Scriptural laws they believe to be retracted or not reallymeant to still apply, or issues as to whether the body of Christ shouldbe portrayed on the cross or not, whether Easter should be celebrated accordingto the lunar calendar or a different calendar, whether Jews are permittedto turn on electricity or play musical instruments for pleasure duringthe Sabbath, whether women can become clergy, etc. Would it not be sufficientfor schools to teach about those moral issues that have some palpable civilmeaning, meaning which pertains to general social and civic interaction-- particularly those moral issues and ideas that reason and sensitivitycan help us make sense of and judge with understanding? When people sayschools need to teach moral and spiritual values, aren't they usually talkingabout societal and civic or civil sorts of values, not all esoteric religiouspractices and doctrines! They want students to know how to behave withregard to other people.

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Benedictine spirituality is grounded in the Christian search for God. A deep human desire to be united with God, a desire graciously given to human beings by God, provides the initial impetus for a spiritual journey towards God. "Is there anyone here who yearns for life and desires to see good days? If you hear this and your answer is 'I do,' God then directs these words to you" (Prologue to the Rule 15-16). The monastic journey begins in humility, with the conviction that "God is God and we are not." This belief is surely the origin of the Benedictine phrase "that in all things God may be glorified," (RB 57:9). Benedict was convinced that "life" and "good days" are the results of a deep inner awareness of the love and mercy of God, especially as known in the words and deeds of Jesus. But "life" and "good days" are not found only in the monastery; they are everywhere in the world. The universe is graced; it is a place where God can be encountered. Thus, we speak of the world as having a sacramental character.