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Make sure that in these last few weeks of study time, you are placing yourself in test conditions as much as possible. First, you want to find a quiet location with minimal distractions, yet not so isolated that there are none. During the actual bar exam, you will be in a large convention center with over 2,000 other aspiring attorneys. People cough, they get up for water and restroom breaks. You’ll need to stay focused and not become distracted by these minor disturbances, and the time to get used to those minor distractions is now. Another tip is to use a timer. Whether on your phone, your computer, or a simple inexpensive kitchen timer, make sure you a have a way to time yourself on your practice exams. Timing is key to being successful on the bar exam.

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While your time is limited, make the most of what you do have. Feed your Spirit and walk in with a “I Will Pass” attitude. Nourish your body so you are awake, alert, and your energy stays at top levels through the grueling hours of the bar exam. Train your mind so that most of the MBE and multiple choice answers come easily and your essay writing is second nature. Remember, studying for the bar exam is a marathon. If you train right, you too can score your highest PR!

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The one part we tend to ignore most during bar exam study is our spirit; however, this is most important part we should focus on. If our spirit is feeling down, depressed or exhausted, it affects everything around us, including the bar exam. It is essential that you have a strong, positive spirit come exam day.

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