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It is not recommended to write over 280 words for your essay. Some students with strong English and focused ideas (your level is strong) can get away with about 300 but not more. There’s no upper limit but you are marked on your ability to write a focused, relevant essay. Also more words might equal more mistakes with grammar and vocab which will definitely lower your score. You certainly have the ability to hit 7 in terms of your language skills. If you take the exam twice you can play around with techniques and see what happens.

If you're looking for sophisticated vocabulary that can be used in everyday speech, you need to use words and phrases that are commonly understood but uncommonly used.

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Advertising has become a type of culture with ardent followers. In the process, it attracts enviable attention from manufacturers and service providers who fancy an edge over their competitors. Unfortunately, in keeping with the ever-increasing demands of the manufacturers, the advertisers have resulted to creating unnecessary wants and excess consumption in most of us. This is a craving for harmful products that we are better off without. It preys on our minds rendering us completely irrational. The billboards (hoardings), television and radio advertisements target us from a very early age, forming our view of the world as we grow into adults. The buzzwords in advertising are, 'you are cool, type, sophisticated, of the hook', if you use this or that product.

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I don’t really get the point why you keep saying I used learned phrases. This is not that sophisticated that I need to incorporate in my essay. Honestly, this came out of my experience from years of writing. I am just so new to IELTS but I may take this as a bit offensive. I have followed your website as suggested by some of my friends who managed to score high in the test, so I decided to give a shot in writing and hoping to get some feedback, yet I came to this. Thanks for letting me know that I my own writing is an alleged learned phrase despite grounded evidence.

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