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Or could it be our own people doing it to blame ohh...the Russians (who our leaders so desperately want war with)? After all our local AF reserve kc135 unit was practicing refuelling the very naval group thats off Syria now, back in June off the East coast. Oh and said squadron deployed to Qatar two weeks ago.

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How to end the DDoS attacks?
Stemming the activity of the botnet at source.
How to get it?
ISPs should require manufacturers of access routers that install their customers, and set up mechanisms to implement mitigation activity originating DoS LAN and WAN destination.
Currently many of the residential routers already implemented but not enabled

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Let a new kind of block-chain-based internet be built, for use by those who are willing to take responsibility for their own physical and cyber security, and who are also willing to eschew all anonymity and deniability with respect to their activities. It could be something like the fraternity of diamond merchants in Antwerp, in which each member's word is his/her bond. (For example, Trump-esque reneging on commitments would not be tolerated.)

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But this is happening. And people should know.

Mr. Schneier, have you been following the "largest DDoS attack in history" being conducted against OVH? At first, I wondered who OVH was and why they would be targeted. Then, I saw that they host WikiLeaks. Assange was supposed to release a statement a couple days ago and he did not. The only news regarding Assange has been that Sweden is ramping up pressure on Ecuador to turn Assange over to the British. Russia, or China, you say? How about CIA, or NSA?

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By "fooland" I believe you should mean US and its own people , obviously who this article is laced with rhetoric for and designed to stimulate. human actors will always allow you to see that they have emerged from exactly where you are convinced to think (WANT them politically) to to emerge from. The problem you have is that you are not bound geographically or even IP (everyone knows it's easy to pick on china's NAT effe'd up infrastructure), only politically and US has already proven itself Impotent in those terms in every aspect.

EDITED TO ADD (9/15): with me on the topic.

DON'T fall for the state propaganda....there is only ONE organization that has an
interest in doing this...let me help you here...C.I.A. The deep state is getting
VERY nervous right now. This agency is also amoral and utterly disloyal.

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""Bob: It’s not as simple as “just unplug the bad guys.” A DDoS attacker takes advantage of the infrastructure of others by staging the attack from compromised machines. Even if human actors are in China or Russia or Fooland, the attacking machines & networks can be located anywhere in the world, even — especially — inside the country of the target.

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Disappointed in this article. The quickest way to take something offline is to hijack their BGP sessions, something which ALL nation states know how to do well. Cratfing large denial of service attacks disrupts commerce for everyone. I doubt nation states are going to shoot themselves in the foot, when it is so much simpler to just use hijacked networks, to advertise false routes. I disagree with this article