Hard? So?So was going to the moon.

But just because everything is hackable doesn't mean everything will be hacked.

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I think one component of the solution is to replace a single multi-use number with many single-use numbers. Imagine having a card that stores 16384 128-bit random numbers. Each time the card is queried, it gives out the next number. These numbers can be looked up in a database to get actual information (and then marked as not to be used again). To do a lookup, someone would have to have an account with the database provider (which might be the Federal government). Their account would be associated with access rights to the database, limiting what they can query. One query item might be a 128-bit random number to be used as an ID for credit inquiries, for example.

Hearing on "Securing Consumers' Credit Data in the Age of Digital Commerce"

Test dialog for incorrect input.

You don't want things from one role in your life effecting another. For instance your boss might hate line dancing, but you love it and have membership of a couple of line dancing clubs. Do you want some data broker telling your boss that you've been hiding your line dancing from them?, because you feel it might prejudice their view/treatment of you?

I see nothing wrong with use SSN's as a UUID and database primary key. It is a great identifier.

I've been writing about security issues on my since 2004, and in my monthly since 1998. I write , , and . Currently, I'm the Chief Technology Officer of , a fellow at Harvard's , and a board member of .

Just stop using SSN as the only password and you don't have to change anything.

car loan? let's not even go there.

The process has been around since the
1960s and it's the Dangan of chinese fame.
Under the innocuous title of outcome based
education this mad scheme has tossed the
idea of children learning things like
math and literacy aside in favour of the
children becoming nicely compliant tools
of those in charge. People in higher ed
have noticed that their classes seem to
be waiting for someone to tell them what
to do. This is what happens with outcome
based victims. They make great consumers
and cannon fodder but have been trained out
of their own volition as a government/corp

@Earl Killian, you are on to something even better.

There's a very informative video on YTube
called 'Who controls the Children' an
advocate who tracked down the Pennsylvania
compiled dossier and its implementing by
26 other US states is quite revaling.

People are petty, spiteful, etc, it's why racism is such a problem.

Someone should tell Mark Zuckerberg. It's his explicit philosophy that everyone
should have but one online identity to be used for all purposes. That's one of
the foundational reasons why I don't use that facepage thingy everybody's talking
about these days.

"maybe this is the calm before the storm"

"But it's not just PII, it's also that we have multiple roles in life, father, son, mother, daughter, sister, brother, are a few of the obvious ones. But how about who you work for, clubs you have membership of hobbies you carry out in your spare time.

Who Goes There? Authentication Through the Lens of Privacy

The first digit kind of identifies the province where the number was first issued. From my guesstimate, if the numbers are not exhausted already, they should be soon.