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Inspirational Person Project | Aubrea's DP!!!

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This is the Inspirational Person project, our first in this art class

This is your information gateway to one of the hottest places on this planet... South Beach...also known as SOBE ... Beautiful weather, beautiful places and beautiful people. When looking for world-class hotels and resorts, dining, spectacular beaches, the hottest club scene in South Beach-Miami, events, festivals, happenings, or to just spend a quiet yet active day meandering through art galleries, world fame Art Basel, chic boutiques, unique shops and then later to pamper your body, look no further.

South Beach occupies one of the best, highly sought-after, beach front locations on Earth between the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay. Thanks to its excellent nightlife, superior hotels and resorts, art galleries, excellent, bars, restaurants & boutique shopping, it is a popular entertainment destination for locals, national & international tourists. Also, the sought after location to stay to attend, short distance, taxi, to the Miami Heat and other arena events and then return to SOBE for incredible celebration venues.

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With its extensive and diverse entertainment, South Beach is more of an experience than just a place to be in. Visitors enjoy the breathtaking Ocean Drive Atlantic coastline of several public access beaches. Hotels, resorts, Art Deco Hotels,resorts, apartments all incredibly diverse accommodation and coupled with world class fun excitement, shopping and entertainment. South Beach draws celebrities, models and beautiful people from around the world. Infused with Art from around the world and cultural events indigenous to the area and from around the globe.

Art|Basel Miami Beach is the winter meeting place for the international art world. South Beach is also famed for its colorful lifeguard huts. Donated to the city by architect William Lane in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew, the colorful huts have become symbolic of the renewed South Beach area.

South Beach has lots to offer in the way of water sports-boating, sailing, yachting, fishing, swimming, surfing, SCUBA, Snorkeling, Stand Up Paddle Boarding,SUP, Kite surfing boating, Jet Ski's etc. etc.

Perhaps a day at one of the many Spa's...tennis or golf? Or attend a world class college or professional sports event? Feel & experience the Heat!! This incredible oceanfront enclave has a soul of excitement and world class incredible living 24-7.

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Judging by the effectiveness of free handout promotions in hot locations such as South beach, Florida, I see a target market of males and females ages 12 – 35.