Co-ed vs. Single Sex Schools: Pros and Cons of Both

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Single-sex schools benefit the students because the students have better academic performance, they eliminate stereotypes in the classroom and the students have fewer distractions

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Research indicates that girls from single-sex schools perform better academically than the ones in co-ed schools. Single-sex colleges have a higher rate of graduation especially for women than the co-ed schools (Cooper & Weaver, 2003). This is because single-sex schools are better equipped to meet the needs of the students. The teachers in single-sex schools use the teaching methods that are especially meant for the specific gender. Research indicates that boys and girls learn differently. This can be attributed to the fact that they have different behavior and personalities. Moreover, the brains in both sexes develop differently. Teachers in single-sex schools use methods relevant to the specific gender. They know how to approach the students, and the methods they will use in learning. This is also beneficial to the students. They feel more comfortable with the teachers, and they can tell them what works for them. Some studies indicate that although boys and girls have psychological difference, these differences can be exaggerated, and they are not enough factors to influence learning (Novotney, 2011)

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Students in single-sex schools have fewer distractions and this enables them to focus on their studies. They do not develop the mentality that one gender should be good at a particular area. This means that they feel more confident taking on any of the subjects. The teachers in single sex schools are better equipped to teach the students, they know the relevant teaching methods to use, and this ensures high performance.

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