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If the dates are in the past, you use past tense, usually past simple.

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Hey Liz, I wanna ask something. How about the word ‘before and after’ I mean in cambridge ielts 11 theres a question in test 4 about total number of visitors to a museum BEFORE and AFTER its refurbished. There is no dates, just those before and after. I’m kinda confused whether to use present or past tense? Thanks in advance.

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In England, is used to express the simple future for first person and , as in "Shall we meet by the river?" would be used in the simple future for all other persons. Using in the first person would express determination on the part of the speaker, as in "We will finish this project by tonight, by golly!" Using in second and third persons would indicate some kind of promise about the subject, as in "This shall be revealed to you in good time." This usage is certainly acceptable in the U.S., although is used far less frequently. The distinction between the two is often obscured by the contraction which is the same for both verbs.

In this easy grammar lesson youll learn to ask questions in the past simple tense

In the simple present tense, will function as an auxiliary to express the negative and to ask questions. (, however, is substituted for third-person, singular subjects in the present tense. The past tense works with all persons, singular and plural.)

When the subject is a singular verb we add the marker-s to the verb in a simple present tense