Other disadvantages of shopping online include:

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By 3.30am on the first day of a US based meeting, the average jet lagged European delegate is wide awake, trying to avoid the temptation to turn on the television, iron some clothes, or risk their lives by going for a jog in their destination city’s deserted streets.

Michael was 16-years-old when Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy welcomed him into their home.

Here’s a tongue in cheek look at a few reasons why.

No. This was grossly exaggerated in the movie. Michael did not have to learn how to play football, and Leigh Anne never walked onto the practice field to inspire Michael by telling him to protect his team as if he was protecting their family. The film's suggestion that he needed to be taught how to play football upset the real Michael Oher, "That part right there, it really got me because it was never like that. I've always known how to play the game of football. I've always had a passion for the game. You know, it's Hollywood, so I mean that's what they do, but at the end of the day it's still a good story."

First rate. Socialising and the need to constantly find an Irish bar should rate higer

The small print on will sometimes state that shoppers must pay to ship products back, even when it arrives with a defect. It is also not uncommon for online stores to deduct the original cost of shipping the product from the return invoice. If a shopper is uncertain of a purchase they are making, knowing the return policy of the online store might affect their decision to shop locally instead.

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Get a truky accurate workout down to the seconds.

Before auditioning for the part of Michael Oher, a then 23-year-old Quinton Aaron was working as a security guard. He was living in a rough neighborhood in the Bronx with his brother and mother, and it was his mother who discovered the casting call online. After director John Lee Hancock saw Quinton's tape, he flew him out to Los Angeles to meet in person. After the meeting, Quinton gave Hancock a card with his contact information and offered to work as a security guard on the movie set if he didn't get the part. -20/20

It took a year before casting was complete and Quinton was notified that he got the part. During that time Quinton's mother had died and he was unable to pay his rent. On the verge of being evicted from his apartment, he got a phone call telling him that he got the part. Quinton drew from his own personal experiences to help relate to his onscreen character. -20/20

5. Put Thought into Your Titles

In the new afterword to the paperback edition of his book , author Michael Lewis writes that the purpose of his story was to "examine the many forces—chance encounters with a family, big changes in football strategy—that affected the value of this one unlucky turned lucky boy." Lewis says the thing that impressed him was that Michael Oher, who was 6 foot 2 inches tall and 350 pounds at the age of sixteen, and ran a 4-9-40, was already considered by many to be bound for the NFL. Michael Lewis is a non-fiction author and financial journalist. He is married to former MTV news anchor Tabitha Soren.

6. Choose the Right Category and Tags

The Blind Side credits song is called "Chances" by the group Five For Fighting. The song can be found on the and on Five For Fighting's album Slice.

9. Let Your Customers do the Talking

As diagrammed with the Joe Theismann/Lawrence Taylor footage at the beginning of the movie (see below), Michael Oher's position on the football field is left tackle. It is the left tackle's job to protect the quarterback's blind side.