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The theoretical perspective based on the external effects and endogenous growth of increasing returns to scale technologies stressed by Romer (1986) and Lucas (1988) has in the past decade had a considerable influence on macroeconomics as well as growth theory and development theory, and a massive thesis has been produced pertaining to these matters. Aghion and Howitt (1998) has compactly surveied these results. Though this sort of theoretical analysis is in vogue, most of the empirical research supporting these theories used aggregated macro data. Due to restrictions on data, little research has been conducted at the industrial level. Among these researchers, Hall (1988,1990) measured the economy of scales of American industries. These measurements indicated the existence of a considerably large scale economy and externality of production, providing support for the theories of Romer et al. With respect to these results, Bartelsman (1995) indicated an ommited variable bias of these measurements and concluded that the large-scale economy shown in Hall’s results was invalid. Also, the results of a series of investigations conducted by Basu and Fernald (1995,1997) showed that constant returns were the rule for the economy of scale in most American industries, with almost no externality of production among industries. The thing that can be understood from this empirical research is that when aggregated data is used, economy of scale can become conspicuous because of aggregation. This suggests that there are serious problems with Solow-type exogenous growth models and Romer-type endogenous growth models, which take only one sector into consideration as one type of capital good or representative industrial sector. From the perspective of analytical technique, it will be necessary to rely on a phase-diagram-based analysis to conduct a global analysis. This means that one must restrict the state variables that indicate the capital stock to two variables or less.

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However, every time my employer or the client I am assign tell me not to arrest someone, least I will be punished in some manner. Both my employer and the client are engaged in a criminal act pursuant to 575.020(2) (concealing an offense) and / or 575.030(4) (hindering prosecution) and / or 575.180(2) (failing to execute an arrest warrant) and / or 576.010(2) (bribing a public servant) and / or 576.020(2) (public servant acceding to corruption) of the Missouri Revised Statutes.

Now, if you think that either my employer or its' clients care about such matters - guess again because they do not have any care whatsoever. All my employer cares about is making sure its' financial profits are not disturbed for any reason and if that means committing or trying to force me to commit criminal acts then that is exactly what my employer will do - just like the vast majority of employer's in the industry do as well. Hence, the amount of corruption existing in the industry shocks the conscious of society and yet, the vast majority of states enacting such laws, are also knowingly and willingly failing or refusing to enact laws to regulate the industry better and jealously safeguard the constitutional rights of the people.

General society needs to wake up and understand they are in very real and serious danger of losing their rights; being abused and violated by private security companies and having their lives devastated by abuses of power that reach deep into the lives of citizens. On one hand I am in favor of having this power but on the other hand I am very much against it because again, the vast majority of states simply refuse to enact laws to even mandate that private security officers have specific training and certifications to exercise their police powers, let alone enact laws to regulate employers.

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In Section 1, we explain the neoclassical optimal growth model, which includes multi capital goods, and is derived from neoclassical production functions; the transformations to the reduced model are also explained. Section 2 pertains to the explanation of the methods for proving the consumption turnpike theorem demonstrated by Scheinkman (1976) and McKenzie (1983). Also, the case in which the essentials of the von Neumann-McKenzie facet, which plays an important role in the next part, became a two-sector model and is explained using figures. In Section 3, we postulate a two-sector neoclassical optimal growth model, and the optimal path behavior in the vicinity of the optimal steady state path (modified golden rule path) are classified using the characteristics of von Neumann-McKenzie facet. Also, we will use these results to prove, based on a weaker hypothesis, that the theorem that the optimal path local stability and the optimal path attained by Benhabib and Nishimura(1985)becomes a two-term periodic solution. In Section 4, the generalization of the global asymptotic stability conclusion achieved with two divisions into a case that includes two or more types of capital goods. In Addendum, the important fundamental principles used in the main text will be defined, and a number of theorems will be proved.

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