Intelligent Design position statement By Michael J. Behe

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In 2018, a century after World War One ended, many of those who fought for peace still have not received their due. Some 20,000 patriotic British men refused the draft, and mathematician and philosopher Bertrand Russell was among the vocal dissenters. He spent six months in jail for writing deemed subversive, later commenting that “this war is trivial, for all its vastness. No great principle is at stake, no great human purpose is involved on either side.” In our Spring 2011 issue, Adam Hochschild investigates the story behind the men “who argued for peace while the battles raged.”

Linda Kalof, Seven Mattes, Amy Fitzgerald Animal Studies Program, Michigan State University

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Evolution response to William A. Dembski By Robert T. Pennock

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Use of iron: sundials: water clocks

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Power, class, and the new campus religion

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Nu huh! They cain't get me if I cryptify things!

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Intelligent Design position statement By Jonathan Wells

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