Smoked varieties exist as well.

Fresh mozzarella is sometimes pairedwith tomatoes for salads and appetizers.

218)Product origin & evolution"Mozzarella.

The housewife can make itwith Italian spaghetti, or obtain at an Italian store the flat noodles from which fettucini is concocted.
1 1/2 pounds noodles
1 teaspoon salt
Boil unbroken noodles in as much water as your largest pot will hold.

Why do we call it "mozzarella?""Its name in Italion means literally 'little socie'.

A soft fresh cheese made from cow's or buffalo's milk.

9)Additional information: & Recommended reading: /Andrew Dalby
Food historians tell us (fruits and vegetables preserved in brinewith spices) originated in India.

84)[NOTE: this book describes the current process for making mozzarella cheese.

Thsi requiresthe maker not to be in a hurry (the process takes months); to use small barrels (from which theheat engendered by fermentation dissipates quickly); to use wine of good quality; and to provideaccess to the barrels for air (which will contain acetobacytes, bacteria naturally present in theatmosphere).

It is usually made in fairly small forms, from a few ounces up to a pound or more.

Mariani [Lebhar-FreidmanBooks:New York] 1999 (p.

This magic food appears in all sorts of forms, and the plasmon powder is said to be a sovereign remedy for indigestion."
---"Plasmon Biscuits," [London UK] July 13, 1900 (p.

Batter was then poured into them.

356) [NOTE: The ad indicates this product combats diabetes, gout, indigestion & rheumatism.] [1909]
"Plasmon is an unequalled Phosphatic Nerve and Brain Food Containing The Organic Salts and Phosphorus of Milk in a natural state of combination and in a greater degree than any other milk product.

Glasse's original recipe was not titled English muffins.

'The new nutriment' has solved the problem of feeding armies in the field; it has solved the 'starving school-children' question, for a slice of plasmon bread--cheap as ordinary bread--with a little butter will supply a child with the nourishment of an ample meal; and, farther, it has solved many of the problems of the hospital, for it gives nourishment without raising the temperature in enteric cases to important.

She also includes instructions for properopening (warning NOT!

'Plasmon contains nearly four times as much proteid as fresh butcher's meat and nearly 20 times as much as pure fresh milk.'--Medical Press and Circular...'We used Plasmon preparation continually during the National Antarctic Expedition, and one of our sleighing parties practically lived on Plasmon'--Commander E.H.

The Thing you bake on must bemade thus.

9) [1900]
"Plasmon Biscuits.--Plasmon is nothing but the dry concentrated albumen of milk, and it is said that a few plasmon biscuits will keep a soldier well nourished for days.

The name was first printed in1925."---, John F.

What was Plasmon?
"Plasmon is the albumen of pure fresh milk in the form of a dry, soluble, granulated ream white powder."
---, International Plasmon Ltd.