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Now that it's clear just exactly what a response essay will encapsulate, it's time to create a basic pre-writing outline like is done in so many other essay pre-writing work. Start with a thesis statement; these are developed fairly simply in response papers. If you are responding to an article written in the New York Times by a newly arrived immigrant that bemoans the lack of services for their particular segment of the population, and you know of a slew of services that actually do exist, your thesis lies in the fact of responding to the author with hard facts. If a critic for your school's campus newspaper just slammed the latest flick from your favorite director, and you're seeing misinformation and sloppy writing trying to pass for knowledge, then respond with real industry standards and objective modifications to that original critique.

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52) for details.
o You must quote from the article at least once in your essay (in MLA format)
Tasks/Steps in Completing Essay
1.) Select ONE of the following written texts/arguments to analyze and respond to—since you are
not conducting additional research, make sure you select an article that discusses a topic for
which you have some prior knowledge, as you will be adding your own thoughts to the
ongoing conversation:
• “Hidden Intellectualism” – Gerald Graff (They Say, pg.

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