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May i ask you sister in the grave will you be asked who killed imam Hassan and Husain (R.A.) ? will on the day of judgment you will be asked this question ? no then why are we divided so much on this issue that to based on HISTORY where you find different historians have different view, than can you tell one good reason why should i belive in you history only ? dear sister islam is not based on histrory ? its a complete way of life of dos and donts given by the prophet, out of which many sects that are going to come will bound to alter it, and rightly said by the prophet all will go to hell except 1. Lets not be in those. For that study islam with unprejduice mind. you will find different imam saying diff things if you are confused what is right or wrong its simple ask Allah for guidance, and than keep you mind open, see what comes your way. Its you who classify your self in return i have to say myself sunni, BUT if you check up islam you wont find these 2 words either shia or sunni, sounds like i am dr zakir students right ? no sister !!! iam aware of islamic teaching much much before him, what he says on genral basis iam aware from my childhood, as i kept asking Allah for guidance as i knew the nuts muslims are divided, and i want to be on the right track, yesteday it slef i was listening to a shias speech abusing Aboo Backer and Umar (R.A.) Sister is it common sense? Allah has told in quran not to abuse even the false gods that they worship beside him, so then where does the question comes of abusing each other. islam doesnt say you have to believe in AbboBAKER or Umar (R.A.) in oder to go to jannah, in same way its not even OBLIGATORY ON ME TO BELIVE IN HAZRAT ALI (R.A.) TO GO TO JANNAH !!!!!!!!!!!

10th of Muharram (the day of Ashura / Ashoora) is observed as an important day by both Sunni Muslims and Shia – however, for different reasons. Most scho

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Parvin and all others…….We all have our own beliefs…if one does not follow the others belief,we have no problems against it,but why oppose or talk about things where knowledge is not complete?
Imam Hussein(a.s) is the other name for humanity……we mourn out of love for the Prophet’s grandson….If he wanted he could have made the skies shed water and quench the thrist of everyone at Karbala but then our tears for the martyrs woudn’t be the same…we would not realise the lessons of sacrifize,love,purity,belief,truth…the battle of Karbala teaches us….Till people mourn for Imam Hussein and his family,we can be assured humanity lives on….
Beliefs are different and so are the ways we project them,thus one must not comment on what a Sunni or Shia must do….i mean no offence to anyone..but anyone who knows about the whole battle of Karbala and the fate of the family of Imam Hussein is sure to grieve,in any way it may be….The tears are one of the reasons Islam is alive today..thats all….sorry if I offended anyone….

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I studied the comments. I am a Shia from Iran. My dear brothers and sisters let’s not curse each other and discuss the points of difference by patience and reasoning and by clinging only to the HOLY QURAN not Ahadith and also not put them aside. Because a lot of Ahadith have been fabricated in order to serve one’s own purpose. We respect our Sunni brothers and sisters. But as you know the history is written by the conqureres and we were not conqureres. As a muslim and following the HOLY QURAN , we must think and elaborate on Ahadith. Consider the Hadith : ” The fast of the day of Ashura is regarded by Allah as an expiation for the sins of the previous year.” Now let’s answer the folllowing questions: 1. Can we find a proof from the HOLY Quran denoting that obligatory fasting will expiate the sins , let alone the one-day fasting in Ashura or we learn from the HOLY QURAN that all kinds of worship assigned by Allah are gifts and prepare us for performing our Islamic duties well. 2. Do not you think that such an idea will pave the way for committing sins in the previous year 2. Bokhari and Muslim were Iranians and they collected their numerous Ahadith after 200 Hejrat when the conflicts between Shias and Sunnis were on the height and each group had fabricated Ahadith in order to serve their purposes.

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I have really enjoyed reading the comments above … enjoyed it because we have had both Sunni’s and Shia’s commenting in such a nice and humble manner …. I can see we all want to understand each other … we all fear hurting each other’s feelings … and most importantly deep down we all want Unity …. a healthy debate is like above is ok coz no one said they r right or wrong … I was born and Sunni, but half of my family turned to Shia …. it left me in the lurch so I started learning about both Sects …. I too asked many questions, received many answers but nothing fulfilled that search inside me …. it then hit me that I was too busy pinpointing at what pthers were doing …. I sat down and thought about what I was doing, why I was practising the things I was …. like many of u that have said above there is no point of discussing issues that have no common basis ….. just stick to your life, to what is required of u … close ur eyes for a moment and imagine u r dead … how does the world see u, what r ur neighbours, friends, family saying about u … were u a good human being, did u pray, give charity, make a difference to ur community??? These questions r more important than why someone beats themselves, the people that do should question themselves as to what they r practising and why …. we will not be having a history test on the Day of Judgement … we can not change what has happened in history … we are not here to judge and decided whether the Sahabah’s will b cursed or not ….. Allah says he has creayed us for no other reason except to worship him, everything should b an act of worship just for Allah, when u smile at someone, hold the door open for someone ….. these r all an act of worship and should b just for Allah …. may Allah guide us and make us good muslims … Ameen

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One should question why self-flagellation is blamed on Shia brothers and sisters. Who gains from this? Why defame group of people. Is it correct to say all Sunni to be blamed for Al Qaeda reactions and mass killings? Is it correct to say all priests are child abusers? Any human with write frame of mind and without prejudiced and hate rate for other people would answer NO.