Reading aloud helps you to hear your writing differently

Composing Great Essays: Reading Your Work Aloud Editing Carefully is Invaluable

Try reading your essay aloud to a family member

Ray, I’m completely with you on the importance of reading aloud as a revising tool. But more than that, reading aloud has become a crucial performance skill that every writer should have. Given the bookstore/bookgroup reading circuit that’s so vital to the marketing success of any book, a writer who can really create an enjoyable listening experience wins more points than one who drones on and on.
How committed am I to reading aloud? So committed that I founded The Drum, a literary magazine online that publishes new fiction and essays only as audio files.

Be brief: Your statement should be between 500 and 600 words. That’s about three minutes when read aloud at your natural pace.

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It works! Reading aloud one’s writing is an excellent practice. I recommend it to anyone who is writing an essay, poem or story.
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My thought there was that if you’re reading your manuscript aloud and your mind starts ..

I absolutely agree with this! My latest short story was read aloud four times and changed each time. It is the perfect way to really find where things don’t flow, and to also stay very connected to your work.
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Try putting your essay down for a day or two and coming back to it and re-reading it.

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Great post – I have (much to the annoyance of anyone within earshot) always tried to read my writing aloud while editing. Even my essays and such for school. And when I wrote ad copy at a newspaper, my co-workers got used to my constant mumbling.

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With just a bit of humor, when I read aloud, I feel like the little boy in the classroom corner who just had his knuckles rapped by Mrs. Geitline for not being able to read assignments quietly. “Reading should be in your head, not your mouth. You will never amount to anything if your brain cannot control your mouth!” she would yell at me.