Argumentative Essay Sample on Race and Media

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Argumentative Essay Sample on Race and Media

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Robinson, Russell . Latino Policy and Issues Brief 14. UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center, 2006.

Argumentative Essay Sample on Race and Media

Food for Thought: Five Ways to Think About (and Teach) the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict Steven A. Glazer is professor of History at Graceland University, in Lamoni, Iowa. The author would like to thank the reviewers and editors of THE MIDDLE GROUND for their helpful suggestions to improve an earlier draft. Portions

Scherr, Rebecca. “(Not) Queering White Vision.” Jump Cut 50 (2008): 1–19.

In this bibliography, Hamilton and Block review nearly five hundred books, essays, reference works, and book chapters on American cinema published between 1915 and 2001 that focus on racial, ethnic, and national representations on film.

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In this analysis of racial, sexual, and gender representation, Scherr challenges what she calls the “implicit [heterosexual] whiteness” of American cinematic vision, showing how it structures both the study and production of film and representations of identity politics.

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In this collection a range of scholars examine Hollywood as ethnographer of various racial and ethnic groups exploring Irish, Jewish, Hispanic, Italian, Slavic, Asian, German, Indian, and black representations in American film.

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This theoretical analysis of multiculturalism and the media explores all aspects of racial imaging and colonial discourse from an historical and contemporary context. Taking a post-structuralist approach, Shohat and Stam explore the possibilities of polycentrism, new forms of representation, and new esthetic and identity politics coming from the cinemas of the developing world.

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What you see here are from people who have engaged in a little exercise. Here’s how it works. Think about the word Race. How would you distill your thoughts, experiences or observations about race into one sentence that only has six words?

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Hamilton, Marsha J., and Eleanor S. Block. Projecting Ethnicity and Race: An Annotated Bibliography of Studies on Imagery in American Film. Westport, CT: Praeger, 2003.

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Since I began asking people to share their thoughts about race, ethnicity and cultural identity, thousands of submissions have poured in from the web, by mail, by hand and via Twitter. Spend some time scrolling through the Race Card wall. Click through to read some of the stories behind the six-word submissions. Send in your own six-word essay. Share this with your friends. Join the conversation.