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At first reading, the ninth and 10th qualities of good teaching seem to contradict each other. The ninth quality, according to Beidler, is "don't trust student evaluations of your teaching," but the 10th quality is "listen to your students."

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Phillips concludes her essay by noting that until recently, students had to go through teachers and an institution of higher learning to access information. Today, computers have opened the information vaults to all, dramatically altering the role of the teacher. According to Phillips, the mission of today's teacher should be to "assist and guide students in their personal discovery of knowledge and synthesis of information." To do so, all teachers must practice the four "Cs" of good teaching.

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* Second, good teachers must be creative. Phillips notes that the mass media have shortened the attention spans of most students, but also have made them creative users of technology. She suggests that it is not too much to ask for comparable qualities of excitement and creativity from teachers. For example, courses should never be taught the same way twice. Phillips is a strong advocate of reciprocal learning, a concept in which students take personal responsibility for their own learning. One way to help teachers and students move away from passive learning and toward reciprocal learning is by using case studies. In the radiologic sciences, case studies are excellent teaching tools that can range from film critique sessions to grand round presentations to clinical problem-solving sessions.

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Abstract: College professors named Professor of the Year by the Carnegie Foundation offer insights on the qualities of inspired teaching. Good teachers have desire, a positive attitude, and take risks. Keeping students off balance can discourage complacency and maintain interest. A good teacher knows what motivates each student, and works with the student as a partner in learning. A good teacher is also competent, creative and caring.

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Peter Beidler is the Lucy G. Moses Professor of English at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. His essay, titled "What Makes a Good Teacher?" lists 10 qualities Beidler believes are vital to success in the teaching profession.

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