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 (1838-1918). Essayist and autobiographer, author of , scion of the famous Adams family.

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describes him as a person with a "shrewd wit and charming essayist": , "acute, judicious, and trenchantly witty." Birrell is one of my favourite writers.

(1789-1851). Prolific and popular American novelist, author of the Leatherstocking Tales.

He has written biographies of , , and .

"He was renowned as good company, with his lively mind and formidable memory, a man exuberant and melancholy by turns." (.) In 1949, a number of his private papers were discovered at Malahide Castle.

(1871-1900). American author of realistic novels and stories, best known for the Civil War novel .

One of Muir's acquaintances (Young) wrote of Muir: "From cluster to cluster of flowers he ran, falling on his knees, babbling in unknown tongues, prattling a curious mixture of scientific mixture of scientific lingo and baby talk, worshipping his little blue-and-pink goddesses." Muir was known for his loquaciousness, known for his eloquent speech; he would give monologues lasting for hours, keeping his listeners spellbound.

Among my library books I have a number of Birrell's works.

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While he had contributed to the (started by in 1709), Addison started his own paper in 1711, the ("In the may be traced the foundations of all that is sound and healthy in modern English thought." []) Addison had a "warm relationship with ."

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(1850-1904). American woman novelist and story writer, author of ; associated with local color writing, New Orleans, and stories about women's lives.

Two of his works that might be read with profit are: and .

He became a member of the British parliament in 1889; as the Minister of Education he introduced a major education bill in 1906; he served as the Secretary to Ireland between 1907-16, he resigned after the Sinn Fein rebellion.

(For samples of Carlyle's writing see his essay, "" and ".")

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(1871-1938). African American poet and writer, author of .

A group of popular American poets associated with 19th-century New England and the Boston publisher Ticknor & Fields: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, John Greenleaf Whittier, Oliver Wendell Holmes, James Russell Lowell, William Cullen Bryant.