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By 1609, relations between the settlers and the Indians had cooled.

Themessage of "Pocahontas" is that arriving settlers despoiled theforests and imposed their own version of civilization, whether or not it waswanted. Governor Ratcliffe (), the blustering leader of theVirginia Company, is shown gleefully using cannons to level forests. And whenthe settlers open fire on the Indians, they retaliate by capturing John Smithand then prepare to execute him. Only Pocahontas, who can empathize with bothsides, can save the day.

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Roger Ebert on James Ivory's "Howards End".

Smith returned to England after an injury, and Pocahontas was told by the English that he had died. She stopped her visits to the colony, and only returned as a captive.

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Known for: "Indian princess" who was key to the survival of the early English settlements in Tidewater, ; saving of from execution by her father (according to a story told by Smith)

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A successful tobacco in Jamestown, John Rolfe, had developed a particularly sweet-tasting strain of tobacco. John Rolfe fell in love with Pocahontas. He asked permision of both Powhatan and Governor Dale to marry Pocahontas. Rolfe wrote that he was "in love" with Pocahontas, though he also described her as "one whose education hath bin rude, her manners barbarous, her generation accursed, and so discrepant in all nutritive from myself."

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Both Powhatan and Dale agreed, apparently hoping that this marriage would help relations between the two groups. Powhatan sent an uncle of Pocahontas and two of her brothers to the April 1614 wedding. The wedding began eight years of relative peace between the colonists and Indians known as the Peace of Pocahontas.

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In 1616, Pocahontas set sail for England with her husband and several Indians: a brother-in-law and some young women, on what was a trip to promote the Virginia Company and its success in the New World and to recruit new settlers. (The brother-in-law was apparently charged by Powhatan with counting the English population by marking a stick, which he shortly discovered was a hopeless task.)

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In 1613, angry at Powhatan for seizing some English captives and also seizing weapons and tools, Captain Samuel Argall worked out a plan to capture Pocahontas. He succeeded, and the captives were released but not the arms and tools, so Pocahontas was not released.

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“Pocahontas" is the best-looking of the modern Disneyanimated features, and one of the more thoughtful: It is about real issues,even if it treats them with naive idealism. In its view, Native Americans livedin peaceful harmony with nature until European settlers came, bringing guns andecological destruction. The Europeans, puffed up with their notions ofcivilization, did not realize how much they had to learn from the Indians.