Typical behaviours in BDD patients:-

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It is painless and requires a series of four, 45-minute treatments spaced one week apart. And oh yeah, it's permanent. Whether your fat-cell murder is committed by cold or heat, there will be no reincarnation. "Once you kill a fat cell, it's gone," says Engelman. This doesn't mean you now have a free pass to eat your way through life though. "As with any fat reduction, the cells around it could get bigger," she says. "You have to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle."

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Body image becomes important to children in pre-puberty, usually at the age of around 11 to 13 years. Girls, especially, feel a great psychological need to fit in and conform to peer group pressure. This is a very sensitive time, when children are very concerned about what others think of them. The approval of a parent can do a great deal to improve their self-image and self-esteem in these years.

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Society has become much more used to and accepting of plastic surgery. Parents recognise the role plastic surgery can potentially play in improving their teenager’s confidence.

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Back in the 1970s, the most popular type of cosmetic surgery for teenagers was rhinoplasty, the famous “nose job”. These days, breast surgery is the cosmetic operation most teenagers want.
However, for people in their early to mid-teens, nasal surgery is still the major type of plastic surgery, for girls as well as boys. Expert opinion is that rhinoplasty should not be performed before the nose is fully grown. This usually happens at around the age of 14 for girls and a year later for boys.

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Once matters get serious, it is crucial to consult a well-respected plastic surgeon, preferably one that has been recommended by your family doctor. Experienced, responsible surgeons will be able to tell if someone isn’t emotionally ready for the operation.

Risk is the potential of gaining or losing something of value

Post-operative risks of liposuction include damage to the skin, nerve or organs, blood clots and infection. The anaesthetic drug used in the fat, lignocaine, may be toxic to the body. Excessive fluid loss may cause shock and, in extreme cases, even death.

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Where it becomes contentious is when the purpose of the surgery is to change something that the person simply doesn’t like about their appearance. Here the main drivers are likely to be peer pressure, self esteem and body image issues.

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The post-operative risks of breast augmentation include reaction to the anaesthetic, bleeding, blood clots forming, scarring, infection and loss of sensation in the nipples.

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Breast implants only last about 10 years. Before that, there is the risk that they can leak, rupture or shrink – all of which requires another operation to fix.