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What to you think about documentary photography and photojournalism? Do you shoot in documentary style? Share your images below in comments.

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There are several answers to this question. One that is primarily important is this: the photograph documents reality in an instant, using light and time to reproduce a moment, as it is perceived. This is what makes photography one of the most important methods of documentation of people, events, and feelings, both historically and in the present day.

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In modern times, documentary photography is still extremely important. Photojournalism as a profession has become increasingly difficult to maintain, due to the rise in iphone photography and layoffs sparked by changing demands for media. Nonetheless, it is as crucial as ever to document life in real time and share true and moving stories with the world.

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Documentary photography proves that pictures can change the world. For example, photos revealing the death and destruction caused by U.S. presence in Vietnam resulted in America’s withdrawal from the war. The key to this is not in the telling, but the showing. Photographers were able to capture the emotion and trauma of suffering humanity, and inspire viewers to create change. The communication of emotion visually is valuable and strong, even in singular glimpses.

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In our interview with Antonio Olmos we discuss his journey as a photographer from Mexico to London, and the changes he has seen over his many years in the business, including the switch to film and the role of the mass media in disseminating photographic stories. In his latest project, The Landscape of Murder, Antonio documents the scenes of the murders that have taken place within the M25 in the past two years. He visited each sites within a few days, taking an image of what was there, from flowers, to crowds of people, to nothing but red tape. Antonio talks about working on London based stories, his philosophy and approach to photography and his belief in the importance of being analytical rather than technical. In our discussion of The Landscape of Murder we discus Antonio’s methods and composition, his decision to use a Google map and a blog, and the unexpected places and victims of these murders. His images challenge stereotypical views of London and question why these murders often go underreported.

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For example, this photograph of Tiananmen Square by Jeff Widener in 1989, in which one man stands in protest in front of government tanks, revived a belief in courage and represents the notion that a small figure can make change. By this logic, the documentary photographer could be compared to the man in the photograph, as he too has created extraordinary impact with one act – in this case, the iconic photograph.