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After two atomic bombs were dropped on Japan in the span of a few days, Japan surrendered. It was no surprise that the Japanese surrendered after two cities were incinerated. The USA's government fully expected it. In one of the many ironies of Japan’s surrender, although the Americans stonewalled the Japanese surrender with their "unconditional" mantra, after the Japanese surrendered the Allies did exactly what the Japanese wanted: spare Hirohito from prosecution and humiliation. Hirohito remained an untainted emperor until his death in 1989. It appears that retaining Hirohito was a useful strategy for the USA, as a way of controlling post-war Japan, which helped prevent them from going communist or some other unfavorable (from the USA's perspective) path. The last several months of fighting, particularly the kind that participated in, never needed to happen, as if any of it ever "needed" to happen. That must be a devastating realization, if ever achieved, for those who survived the Pacific Theater battles in 1945, and the families that lost sons in those battles, both American and Japanese.

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Before World War II began, the Japanese were bludgeoning Eastern Asia and periphery. As with Jews and Spaniards around 1492, if one took a Japanese and Chinese citizen, stripped and physically examined them, one could not be discerned from the other. Japanese are physically nearly indistinguishable from Chinese, and their culture originated in Chinese culture. Japan, like China, had a long-standing imperial culture, although both were rather insular for centuries. China resisted Europe's imperialism for centuries before succumbing to British ambition in the Opium Wars and subsequent events. Japan did not succumb to the West until two atomic bombs were dropped on them. Japanese indoctrination viewed China as a great adversary, not unlike European indoctrination of their people to hate their neighbors, as Frenchmen killed Englishmen, etc. for centuries.

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Jewish leaders continually lobbied the White House during the war's last year, and one request repeatedly made was for the Allied forces to bomb the crematoria at Auschwitz. The military gave interesting excuses for why they could not bomb Auschwitz. They said they could not fly a mission from England, as it was too far for fighter support. Ironically, while the ovens at Auschwitz were running night and day, the USA flew numerous bombing missions in the region, based out of Italy. The USA even targeted the Farben facility next to Auschwitz, while giving the excuse that they could not bomb Auschwitz. There is a photograph taken from a bomber that dropped bombs on the Farben facility. In the photograph, the Auschwitz facilities are directly below the plane as the bombs were dropping, aiming at the Farben facilities. Some American bombs even landed on Auschwitz , which killed nearly a hundred inmates and guards. The USA helped about 150,000 Jews lose their lives at Auschwitz while they refused to bomb the crematoria. , who helped cover-up the CIA's involvement in John Kennedy's murder and was a war profiteer, controlled the decision-making for bombing Auschwitz. He was determined that nobody outside of the military would influence targeting.

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I have far closer connections to the mentalities that justified dropping atom bombs than it might seem to casual readers. During the Vietnam War, my first professional mentor invented a bomb that . The USA's Department of Defense (an Orwellian renaming of the War Department soon after World War II) immediately moved to suppress that bomb, and a decade later, , which was my mentor's idea inverted, as it preserved weapons and machinery and killed all the people. A few years after his harmless bomb was suppressed, he sat in meetings similar to those that Truman and his military advisers had when discussing the atom bomb. The euphemisms and technical talk seemed intended to obscure the fact that the conversations were about killing vast numbers of people in the most effective way possible, as if it was a science project. He saw the kind of groupthink that was enforced in those meetings and realized that if he had stayed in that environment much longer, he would have been "lost in their paradigm" and would lose his soul. He quit his military career a few years later.

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Blacks were forced into segregated living, as Jews in their ghettos had been for centuries. Tulsa's police were virulently racist and allied themselves with the Ku Klux Klan. The event that touched off the "race riot" was when a black shoeshine man was falsely accused of accosting a white woman in an elevator. The ran an editorial entitled, "To Lynch a Negro Tonight" the next day, and a mob of 2,000 white people surrounded the jail and were ready for a lynching. About 75 black men heroically stood in front of them, to prevent the lynching. As often happens, as the whites assaulted the black men a shot rang out, and then it was "open season" on blacks. Armed bands of whites rampaged through the black section of town, burning buildings and shooting any black on sight. The "riot" made history when a plane dropped dynamite onto black neighborhoods, for history’s first bombings by plane. Several days later, hundreds of black people lay dead, and they were buried in mass graves. Six thousand blacks were rounded up and imprisoned. The official report stated that less than 40 people died in the "riot." Possible mass graves were discovered in the late 20th century, but at the time of this writing in 2014, the political climate resists further investigation. The death toll is probably at least 300 people.

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Getting at the truth of the motivation behind dropping atom bombs has been a far murkier exercise than orthodox historians have portrayed. The lies about the atom bombings began with , as he called the city a "military base." The reality was that the first people incinerated by the Hiroshima bomb at Ground Zero were patients in hospital beds and children on a playground.