When was the last time you were intentional about your happiness.

This thought raises many questions about the steps to take in order to achieve true happiness.

However, there is not the concordant view for what is the happiness.

Happiness according scientific studies happiness comes from dopamine taking chemicals around the brain, which is a transmitter in the brain that controls the nervous system....

Each person has a completely different view of happiness and how to achieve it.

Happiness should depend on different people.

People go to any means by which to obtain the many varied materials and issues that induce pleasures in each individual, and intrinsically, this emotion remains the ultimate goal, John Stuart Mill, a nineteenth century philosopher, correctly advocated the pursuit of happiness, and maintained the concept that above all other values, pleasure existed as the final destination, Mill's hedonistic views correctly and rationally identified a natural human tendency, and his Utilitarian arguments strongly support the theory that above all else, happiness is the most important dream to be fulfilled....

Many people say money can’t buy you happiness, some people say it can.

Here are some statistics:Burned out professionals are more disengaged, less productive, and more likely to make errors or mistakes.Burnout is a work-related process of chronic stress and disengagement.Burnout has three dimensions, which are as follows:The Burnout Formula is a combination of too many job demands (aspects of your job that require sustained effort and energy), too few job resources (aspects of your job that stimulate growth and learning and help you accomplish your goals), and too little recovery (the way you re-charge at works, after work each night, on the weekends, and on vacations).In addition to the Burnout Formula above, an imbalance or disconnect in these six areas makes a person more prone to burning out:To learn more about the Warning Signs of burnout, take a look at this written by our founder, Paula Davis-Laack.
In order to prevent burnout, you must build your stress resilience and plug back into the things that engage you. There are very specific, research-based skills that we teach meant to help you do both – build your stress resilience your engagement.To learn more, click on our , , and . You can also get more information from our and .

Happiness can only be given by the amount of effort a person gives.

Everyone defines happiness according to their personal perpectives.

If happiness does not relate to a single set of rigid virtues, and can be reproduced by multifarious stimuli, the virtues themselves must be reconsidered.

Today everyone defines and looks for happiness in a different way.

In Rousseau’s A Discourse on Inequality, he not only argues the inequalities between men, but also the inequality of happiness between the pre-civilized and post-civilized human....

None of the things mentioned solely leads to happiness.

In an unofficial poll of students at State University, I found that of the fifty-eight students and one professor, males and females of several ethnic backgrounds and age groups, that I asked the question "What is happiness to you?", all of them had very different physical, intellectual, or emotional moti...

In the words of Don Draper, “What is happiness.

This dream is different for different people; but, in The Great Gatsby, for Jay, the dream is that through wealth and power, one can acquire happiness.

A good life has one characteristic – happiness.

While people always complained about money don’t buy their happiness, in fact money can actually buy us the happiness as long as we spend it on the right spot.

Happiness is a combination of human emotions and states of mind.

Aristotle who lived in 4th century BC in Athens and Schopenhauer who is19th century philosopher from Germany have contrasting understanding of happiness.

Therefore money is the ultimate key to happiness.

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