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In John Knowles' novel, A Separate Peace (1959), he addresses just this.

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Other people experienced this fearful shock somewhere, this sighting of the enemy, and so began an obsessive labor of defense, began to parry the menace they saw facing them by developing a particular frame of mind.”(Knowles 204) John Knowles, the author of A Separate Peace states this quote to explore how some people develop defense mechanisms in order to protect themselves from any harm they may endure.

In the book, A Separate Peace by John Knowles, the main character inadvertently injures his best friend and does not confess to it.

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In a Separate Peace, the main character, Gene Forrester, is constantly pressured into rebelling against the school rules by his best friend Phineas, or “Finny”....

John Knowles was able to capture the subtle goal and essence of his novel by titling it A Separate Peace.

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A Separate Peace by John Knowles intimately explores the depths within humanity to uncover the essence of human nature.

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This annual essay contest is organized in an effort to harness the energy, creativity and initiative of the world's youth in promoting a culture of peace and sustainable development. It also aims to inspire society to learn from the young minds and to think about how each of us can make a difference in the world.

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Several characters in this novel undergo changes, both positive and negative, as a result of the shift from a peaceful summer session at the Devon School, to the reality of World War II.

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It is easy in the world to live after the world's opinion; it is easy in solitude to live after our own; but the great man is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude." (Ralph Waldo Emerson) A Separate Peace (1959) written by John Knowles, expresses the true struggle to respect o...