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In the world that has been given, it is sought out to find meaning and to come across peace. Efforts and actions have to take place in the situations in order to attain such harmony. Individuals must work with humanity, the person they are and want to be in order to achieve peace. Then peace has taken over.

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What can Faith Communities and other organizations do to work for peace? Mahatma Gandhi once said that “We must be the change we want to see happen.” We can learn about ways to address anger and resentment and participate creatively and peacefully in our interactions. Conflict Resolutions Skills are available for children and adults to learn about ways to have peaceful interactions and to resolve conflicts.

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"I think if there was no war then there would be no nuclear weapons, bombs, and fear that makes it all destroyed. The world will definitely feel comfortable, peaceful, and beautiful. We can see various plants and colorful flowers thriving, butterflies quietly sucking honey, free-flying birds in the sky, and beautiful views of the twilight sky... All occur freely, without limits, without pressure, without fears..."

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"In my picture people around the world play together to protect the world. Similarly, there is an umbrella to protect against solar rays. A nuclear weapon is a mass destructive weapon from which many living things will be affected. People from different nations come together to sweep away nuclear weapons so as to create peace for our future."

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This year there is a specific call to address and eliminate bullying and to practice civil discourse in homes, schools, churches, communities and government, or wherever it is practiced. The call to practice and live peace is for all human beings, regardless of age, color, creed, class or place of origin. All are invited to participate. Peace is badly needed all over the world at this time. We must believe that peace is indeed possible and the Spirit will show us the way to live in peace and harmony wherever we are.

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People anywhere can celebrate the International Day of Peace. It can be as simple as lighting a peace candle, engaging in prayer and meditation on peace, working with children and families to create peaceful ways of living and relating. This is the work of a lifetime. Take this opportunity to bring peace to our relationships, our nation and our world. Imagine a world that is peaceful, and have children and other groups express it in words and actions. Npo effort is too small to make a difference.

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"This is [the atomic bomb called] Little Boy that was dropped on Hiroshima at 8:15 on August 6, 1945. The senselessness of a bomb is expressed by a bird playing. The wish for the abolition of nuclear weapons is sent to the world from Hiroshima, City of peace."

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We wish to send our sincere thanks to all the children and teens, their teachers and parents, who made this contest such a wonderful success. The art work you shared "Imagining a World free of Nuclear Weapons" is truly inspiring.