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"Don't try to anticipate our politics,,,don't patronize us...don't be terrified of offending us...don't read books of college essays; we've read them all. It does not have to be perfect. We are here to help you grow. No vague generalities, avoid the boring or overused topics such as the D Words: divorce, depression, drugs and dog death. Humor is always appreciated!"

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Many scholarships are awarded yearly and, like grants, they do not need to be repaid. Some employers offer scholarships to their employees an incentives for minimizing employee turnover and enhancing productivity, since a satisfied employee will stay with the company longer and work harder. Applying for some scholarships involve writing an essay, while others require applicants to be involved in community projects. Since several scholarships can be obtained by a single parent, they should be able to provide enough funding to cover college expenses. Nevertheless, if the need arises, single parents can source loans for this purpose, as a last resort. Loans, however, attract interest rates and therefore need to be repaid. Low-interest ones should therefore be obtained.

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Single parents are in that category either because the other parent has left or abandoned the relationship, has divorced the spouse, been jailed, or has died. In addition, some single fathers acquire the status by adopting children, and single mothers sometimes choose to be artificially inseminated. They, like other persons, are also in need of a good education, perhaps even more so because they have the needs of a family to consider and also because of the benefits to be derived from the acquisition. Going to college as a single parent can be quite challenging, and the dual focus of balancing children and personal growth that this special group has, is recognized by some educators. Like every other student, there is also help available for the single-parent student.

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