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Roosevelt asserted the importance of the Bible in American history, declaring: "We cannot read the history of our rise and development as a nation, without reckoning with the place the Bible has occupied in shaping the advances of the Republic. Its teaching, as has been wisely suggested, is ploughed into the very heart of the race." In his famous 1941 State of the Union address, Roosevelt included freedom of religion as one of the essential "four freedoms" that he felt were becoming increasingly threatened by the turmoil abroad.

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While serving as a member of Congress, Ford attended weekly Bible study meetings with colleagues in the House of Representatives. There he met Billy Zeoli, the head of a large evangelical organization, and the two quickly became good friends. Starting in 1973, when Ford was serving as vice president under Richard Nixon, Zeoli began sending him weekly devotional notes, each containing a Bible verse and a short prayer. Zeoli acted as Ford's spiritual mentor throughout his time in the White House, and the two met frequently for Bible study.

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Nixon was born into a devoutly religious Quaker family in Yorba Linda, Calif. His family attended an evangelical Quaker meetinghouse every Sunday, prayed silently before each meal, and observed strict prohibitions on drinking, gambling and swearing. While in middle school, Nixon played piano for Sunday school services and sang in the church choir. He taught Sunday school services throughout the majority of his undergraduate years in college. According to Nixon, in his youth he accepted the "literal correctness of the Bible, the miracles, even the whale story."

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This emphasis on religion as service led Roosevelt to equate patriotism and religion. In his book , he observed, "Unless we are thorough-going Americans and unless our patriotism is part of the very fiber of our being, we can neither serve God nor take our own part." He applied his understanding of Christianity to domestic and foreign policy: "We must demand honesty, justice, mercy, truthfulness, in our dealings with one another within our own borders. Outside of our own borders we must treat other nations as we would wish to be treated in return, judging each in any given crisis as we ourselves ought to be judged...."