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(WHO 2008) Deafness can be the result of many different causes such as otitis media (middle ear infections), hereditary disorders, genetic mutations at birth, prenatal exposure to certain diseases such as meningitis, and trauma to the eardrum or auditory nerves....

Otitis media in children


Developmental language disorder (sometimes called language delay) is a condition wherein a child does not learn language as quickly as his/her peers. For example, a 5-year-old child may speak and understand language like a 3 year old. These children may have normal intelligence, or they may have a condition involving mental retardation, which cause a language delay. Developmental language disorders in the absence of mental retardation or any other impairment may be hereditary, or genetic. Recent neuroimaging (brain imaging—i.e. MRI) studies have identified differences in the shapes of brains of persons with such developmental language disorders. Further, developmental language disorders could be a result of hearing loss, which may be permanent (i.e. congenital—present at birth, genetic) or transient (i.e. due to middle ear infection—see section on otitis media).

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A nutrition project instigated by a health team based in the Aboriginal Medical Service in Grafton produced a marked improvement in the health of Aboriginal students in an isolated rural community school. The team had been constantly treating skin infections, such as impetigo, and recurrent otitis media on every visit, with an average of 25% of the children having infected skin lesions on many occasions, and up to 50% having had significant middle ear disease. The children in these communities had limited access to fresh food as the closest source of fresh fruit and vegetables, bread and milk is 80km away in Grafton.

Developmental Language Disorder ICD 315.32