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However, if we look deeper the suffering that Othello has to go through, and the way that this powerful and heroic character is tricked and knocked off his high perch by Iago (a lower status member of the army) he can be seen as a tragic hero....

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Auden says that the audience's response to Macbeth's fall is, "What a pity it was this way when it might have been otherwise." This contrasts with the pagan tragic hero, like Oedipus, who is bound by fate....

The more he suggests to Othello that Desdemona is cheating on him with Cassio, the more we can see Othello changing into an angry, frustrated, and unfair leader.
-Aristotle's idea of the tragic hero is shown here because the hero's fall is due to a very serious flaw.
-After enough of hearing Iago lie about Desdemona and not checking the "facts" himself, Othello completely changes into an enraged and unreasonable person.