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This critical essay discusses some of the primary concerns of video-gaming, focusing primarily on youth engagement, from the age-group of 13-18, in relevance to the stereotypical gender-bias that exists within video-games.

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In my personal opinion no I don’t think they should sell a violent video game to minors. I play a few video games here and there and I have every rating and some of the games are very violent with blood and gore and language and all sorts of other stuff in them but I keep playing them. I also think it all depends on the game type and what the game is all about. There are a lot of things that minors have seen not in video games most every minor has seen every thing there is and I don’t think that a video game will teach them all much more than they have already learned.

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I think it should be the responsibility of parents to decide what their children purchase. The effects of violent video games on minors, drawing from my experience, is negligible. The fact of the matter is my experience of video games is like that of watching a film, I recognize that what I am watching is fictional and therefore my perception of what I am seeing is different from how I would perceive something in real life. As such, the effect of violent video games on me is next to nothing. Parents should be able to decide because they after all know their children best and are most able to decide what is right for their child or not. And at the end of the day if kids want to play violent video games, they will play them, regardless of the parent’s opinion or some law passed in Washington.

So I say that, yes, video games are considered a sport in my opinion.