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Annual CGTrader Scholarship 2017

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READ ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS IN THE APPLICATION. Answer all questions and supply a copy of your transcripts, Student aid Report showing your EFC ( SAR is supplied by the US department of Education after your FAFSA is submitted), list of extracurricular activities, goal essay, and letters of recommendation.

ACTIVITIES: Attach a separate sheet of paper listing any organization, club, sports program, religious activity, work for pay experience, community involvement, or other extracurricular activities. Show dates of involvement, as well as duties preformed and offices held. No longer than one page.

GOALS: Attach a separate sheet of paper explaining: (1) your career and educational goals; (2) how you plan to accomplish these goals; (3) why you should be considered for this scholarship. this essay should be no longer than one page.

TRANSCRIPTS: Failure to provide transcripts invalidates your application with no exceptions. Do not send grade reports or summaries. The safest way to get your transcripts to us on time is to attach them to the application form. Photocopies are accepted - we do not require sealed official envelopes sent by school registrars. If you have a transcript in a sealed envelope, attach it to the application form. To guarantee receipt of all application materials by the required deadline, we strongly urge you to obtain your own copies of the transcripts and send them with the application form. Transcripts that are sent to us separately by the registrars office do not always arrive on time

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ABPA Harrington-Arthur Memorial

With curriculum vitae tailored to graduate school or scholarships, the category headings can be determined both by the writer’s strengths and by the selectors’ needs. Thus, the sample three-page curriculum vitae in the pdf below focuses on languages, international experience, and leadership positions. Note how the writer effectively uses subcategories to underscore a diversity of experience, ranging from political involvement to research. She describes volunteer positions as thoroughly as one would describe a job. Also, she uses various formatting strategies, including ample white space, selective indentation, and boldface of parallel headings to allow for easy visual scanning of her credentials. Clearly, this student has a lot of offer in her chosen field of political science.

$1,000 Scholarship Essay Competition

The two business application essays, written by the same applicant, are in response to questions posed by an MBA program, which is especially interested in how candidates take risks and overcome challenges. The writer handles the first question, which allows for one page to describe a personal risk and its impact, by vividly recounting a life-changing 3500-mile bike trip he took across the US with his brother at the age of 21. The second essay gives applicants two pages to describe a challenging team experience and their contributions to its success. Here, the writer has the advantage of having already worked in business for a few years after completing his bachelor’s degree, so he wisely turns to his most successful team experience at his company, where he was a project leader.

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