Total semester credit hours required: 49

 Minimum GPA of 3.0 for the last 60 semester credit hours of undergraduate work.

Total semester credit hours required: 39

A lecture course covering the theory underlying molecular techniques involving nucleic acids and mammalian cell culture. Topics include purification and analysis of nucleic acids, recombinant DNA, construction and screening of genetic libraries, genetic engineering, control of gene expression, construction of gene fusions, amplification, hybridization, and nucleic acid databases and bioinformatic analysis. Prerequisite: Admission to the MS in Molecular Biotechnology program or consent of instructor. LEC.

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Bachelor's degrees are available in the following fields:

Course will address wellness promotion through nutrition. Nutritional risk and protective factors will be examined as they relate to public health and individual nutrition. LEC.

Master’s degree students choose one of these areas of specialization:

This is the fifth of five successive courses relative to the didactic study of the art and science of nurse anesthesiology. Students will acquire the knowledge base pertinent to the perioperative anesthetic management of the orthopedic patient and disease processes of the myoneuroskeletal disease processes, the geriatric and urological patient during surgical interventions. Students enhance their critical thinking, problem-solving skills and ability to synthesize didactic information to the clinical environment. In addition, students will be required to engage in analysis of currently published research to identify "best practices" based on research evidence. Prerequisite: Permission of Instructor. LEC.

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The offers the following graduate degrees:

This course is open only to online students. This course is designed to provide the student with knowledge of fetal and newborn cardiorespiratory anatomy, physiology, development, pathophysiology, and care. LEC.

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This course is open only to online students. Concepts of the diseases and disorders that effect the critically ill adult are explored. Emphasis is placed on understanding common illnesses such as cardiac dysrhythmias, acute coronary syndrome, trauma of the chest and head, organ failure and toxin exposure as well as the other medical challenges of the critically ill patient. LEC.

Two certificate programs are available at the graduate level:

This course is open only to online students. Introduces the physical science principles that govern the movement and behavior of gases, particles, and equipment utilized in the practice of the respiratory care. Prerequisite: Enrollment in the Respiratory Care Program. LEC.

Graduate NursingMSN Education3900 University Blvd.Tyler, Tx 75799

This course is open only to online students. This course is an introduction to the evolving role of respiratory therapists in health care, especially in the area of chronic disease management. The students will explore various trends that are contributing to the role respiratory therapy may play in patient care. Topics covered in this course include COPD and asthma management, pulmonary rehabilitation, cardiopulmonary exercise testing, home care, elderly care, nutritional care of the pulmonary patient, and communication skills necessary for patient education. Students in this course will gain an understanding of how they can contribute to an inter-professional team in order to provide safe and effective patient care. Presentation of topics in this course may include lecture, group work/discussion, audiovisual, computer and other multimedia aids. LEC.

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This course provides an overview of fundamental concepts in healthcare management, law, and ethics. Students will learn the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in management leadership, management design, and managing diversity. Ethical concerns relevant to the healthcare manager will be addressed. Current and historical controversies in healthcare will be discussed. Upon completion of this course, students will have the knowledge to understand laws, ethics, and management principles of the complex healthcare landscape. LEC.