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They are truly in love.
Thesis statement
- "Never Let Me Go" by Kazuo Ishiguro encourages people to discover value of life by portraying the growth of human clones, as for them, the happiness is based on memory, love, and freedom.
- In the text, when Kathy becomes Tommy' s carer, she says“What he wanted was not just to hear about Hailsham, but to remember Hailsham, just like it had been his own childhood” (p5).
- Although Haisham has stringent school regulations, clones’ lives are joy and peace.

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There's no doubt about it: Never Let Me Go gives us a picture of the '90s that isn't nearly as pretty as the folks on . In the book, we find a where everything seems perfect. But the sad truth is that this world isn't perfect for everyone. And it's definitely not perfect for Kathy, Ruth, and Tommy, three friends who grow up together only to discover their terrible fate.

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But the truth is that not all friendships are perfect. You know what we're talking about. There are bound to be fights, squabbles, and even fallings out. But hey, having experienced all these things means you'll fit right in with Kathy and her pals. Never Let Me Go gives us a good long look at what happens when friendships don't always go according to plan. Kathy, Ruth, and Tommy have had their fair share of tiffs and bruised egos. The trio has even gone years without talking.

NEVER LET ME GO by: Tingzhu Gu Childhood is the happiest period in a clone’s life