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That book also maintains a  and discusses the social history and appropriateness of those terms.

Personal names, Proper nouns, translation strategies

Newmark (1988a) also recommends that, in communicativetranslation, a personal name, along with its connotation, should be translatedwhere proper names are treated connotatively (p.151). In spite of that, the PNsmust be transferred in semantic translation (p.151).

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Do not begin with a personal anecdote. Personal experience also belongs to the category of subjects that are not academic essay material.

Albert Peter Vermes (2003) asserts that:

In the box below is a perfectly wonderful definition of a college. It was written, probably in the late 1940s, by Howard Lowry, a critic of nineteenth-century literature and a President of the College of Wooster. There are word choices in this definition, however, that might make people cringe today.

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Dear can we use obesity for overweight ?

All parts of your opinion must be explained in detail in the body paragraphs. you would have one body paragraph explaining why you support the use of phyiscal edu in school and then a second body paragraph about the need for a better diet. Always organise your ideas logically into paragraphs.

can’t we discuss like agree and dis agree and concluded them at once

4. Do make sure your thesis statement is concise and evident. Remember: for a five-paragraph essay, it should be able to fit into one smooth sentence! Ideally, this should come at the end of your introduction, so that the next paragraph can jump right into your main points. For a refresher on the thesis statement, check out my recent postings on and

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John Smith considers to be a “pivotal text in the realignment of the author’s thoughts about her childhood, as figured in the character of Mrs. Ramsay” (Smith 100). Yet the novel’s investment in the character of Mr. Ramsay suggests that Smith’s argument is unsupported.

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Hello Liz! Based on Azza Lil’s question if we add “nevertheless, diet awareness are also essential.” Should we still discuss this in the body paragraphs? Or just focus on the main answer that is whether agree or disagree? If yes, could you tell how are we going to include it in the body?

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Of these arrondissements, of these provinces, none is entirely Basque in a linguistic point of view, except Guipuzcoa, Navarre is only half so, Alava only a tenth part. A little less than a fourth part has to be subtracted from Biscay, and certain Gascon villages from the arrondissements of Mauléon and Bayonne in France. Neither Bayonne, nor Pampeluna, nor Bilbao are Basque. And, moreover, skirting the districts where the Basque is the native idiom of the majority of the inhabitants, on many points there is an intermediate zone in which Basque is known only by a minority of the population; nevertheless, this zone must be included in the geographical area of the idiom, since the persons who speak Basque in it know it as their native language, and have never learnt it. This zone is most extensive in Navarre, but exists also in Alava and in Biscay. In France there is no analogous mixed zone; and, as M. P.

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Hermans, T. (1988). On translating proper names, withreference to De Witte and Max Havelaar. In M. J. Wintle (ed.) . London/Atlantic Highlands: The Athlone Press.