Music in the Culture of the Renaissance and Other …

Music is used for entertainment, expression of feelings and thoughts, and several other things.

Music in the culture of the Renaissance and other essays

Carter’s research has provided impressive insights into the printing, distribution, and sale of music in a city that—though one of the cultural capitals of Italy—never managed to support a large music press. Collected here are chapters from the author’s 1979 dissertation on Jacopo Peri and a series of landmark articles that followed.

Gerbino, Giuseppe. Music and the Myth of Arcadia in Renaissance Italy. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2009.

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Tomlinson, Gary. Music in Renaissance Magic: Toward a Historiography of Others. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1993.

This wide-ranging collection of seventy essays on late medieval and Renaissance music by top scholars in the field honors an archivist, editor, and historian whose own work is marked by breadth and distinction.

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Many studies of German music concern Luther and the German Reformation and are listed in the section . takes a broad cultural approach to Reformation studies that moves beyond the usual confines by considering the role of song in bringing Reformed ideals to non-literate audiences. , , and all concentrate more directly on the German Renaissance as a cultural movement. examines the musical patronage of Emperor Maximilian I (Holy Roman Emperor from 1493 to 1519), a man of war and letters whose reign is associated with the beginnings of the German Renaissance. presents a series of studies oriented principally toward music in cities, and concentrates on music in 16th-century Basel. looks at the influence of the Italian madrigal in Germany at the very end of the 16th century.

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Lockwood, Lewis. Music in Renaissance Ferrara, 1400–1505: The Creation of a Musical Center in the Fifteenth Century. Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 2009.

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The royal court has been a natural focus of attention for musicologists working on the history of music in France. treats the 15th-century courts of Charles VII and Louis XI, examines the court of the humanist-king François I (r. 1515–1547), and includes a register of payments made to musicians from the reign of Henri II to that of Henri III. Other research is organized along a variety of specific themes: examines music in the urban culture of Lyon, traces the evolutions of sacred music during the Reformation, the Counter-Reformation, and beyond, studies music and the French aristocracy during the Wars of Religion, and looks at the Neoplatonic academies at the courts of the last Valois kings. For a rare overview of 16th-century French music, see .

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This volume reproduces a substantial proportion of the founding statutes, records of day-to-day expenditures, membership rolls, and inventories (of the music library, furniture, instrument collection, and other goods) of a musical academy founded in Verona in 1543. Excellent resource for studies of music and urban culture.