John Emerson, who later took Scott to the free state of Illinois.

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First he offered to buy his freedom from Mrs.

Still, if the case had gone directly from the state supreme court to the federal supreme court, the federal court probably would have upheld the state's ruling, citing a previously established decision that gave states the authority to determine the status of its inhabitants.

Born around 1800, Scott migrated westward with his master, Peter Blow.

There was now only one other place to go.

The MIA had hoped for a 50 percent support rate among African Americans. To their surprise and delight, 99 percent of the city's African Americans refused to ride the buses. People walked to work or rode their bikes, and carpools were established to help the elderly. The bus company suffered thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

They travelled from Scott's home state of Virginia to Alabama and then, in 1830, to St.

If you're anything like me you want to understand the "why's" in every situation. That's when research comes in handy. When it comes to traumatic events such as school shootings, my research normally involves me looking up the psychology behind the person who caused it all to happen in the first place. Unfortunately, the ones that have caught my attention lead to a troubled past and mental health.

Two years later Peter Blow died; Scott was subsequently bought by army surgeon Dr.

With Ralph Abernathy, King formed the (SCLC).

I guess in a way we all survive these events. Whether or not we are there. You might know someone or be related to someone involved. You might have been involved or you're like me, an active advocate for these children and someone with a mental illness or disorder (like ADHD).

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Seeing it in articles makes me wonder how much of a negative blow it will have on both the autism community and the mental health community. How will autism be viewed now? How will people on the spectrum be viewed?

(ppts)15. I can explain Imperialism and its impact.

This is why my heart weighs heavy, because there is already stigmas created around mental illness and autism. So when news breaks of the criminal's mental health and I see the words "autism spectrum," my heart drops into my stomach. I think about my dear children going to school and I worry about the families already fighting a stigma and having to battle these negative news stories as well.

( and chart)18. I can describe the Middle Passage.

I choose to focus on the mental health issues because I myself have ADHD, the children I work with are on the spectrum, and I have plans on becoming a developmental pediatrician to help provide early diagnosis for children and families.

video19. I can define key words in Unit 2.

This also not a black or white issue when it comes to school shootings. There are so many factors that play into it that people choose to ignore. It's not just a gun issue, it's not just a mental health issue, it's not just a bullying issue. It's deeper than all of that.

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Mental health is a new topic in the science/medicine world. Mental healthcare was not in existence until the 1960s or 1970s. There is still so much we do not know about these illnesses and it is still a hard thing to discuss in today's society. But, it does need to talked about. It is an issue that needs to be addressed.