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 Roger Fenton/Royal Collection Trust/HM Queen Elizabeth II 2017

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My last remaining close relative in Toishan was a great aunt who died early last year. My father’s house and the house in which my mother was born now sit empty, their former inhabitants scattered across the United States, Malaysia and Canada.

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"With the addition of such categories, we hope to provide our readers with better choices that reflect their lifestyle today and to acknowledge companies for their digital efforts."

These pictures are quite obviously taken in a village or countryside.

Karen Lim, Acting Editor at AsiaOne said: "When it comes to services and information, consumers are shifting online to seek out tools to help them with their decisions. Companies know this and have embraced innovative solutions to address the needs of their customers.

The list of top three winners for each category is below.

There is something about the human soul that is akin to the Ridley turtle that beckons us back to where we came from. When the chain is broken, we find new locations to claim as our ancestral homes.

Beautiful work (as always) my friend. Simply lovely.

Thank you for the wonderful photos and description of your ancestral home. It is a great reminder of the hardships and separation our ancestors went through to provide a better life for their children and grandchildren.

(Thanks to the NYT’s LENS for showcasing it.)

I enjoyed viewing your photos. A few of them require some captioning for western eyes to make any sense of them. Permit me to add some here:
#5 – Although this looks like a feast for some family, I think the stack of fake money in the upper right shows that this is the offering to be taken to graves of ancestors or the recently deceased.
#8 – This is a street fish market. The vendors are cleaning and scaling the catch.
#10 – The school children are washing their hands in the outdoor common basin.
#11 – Many photos, old or new, disintegrate from mildew in the high humidity of this region.

Alan, can we see your photos in color?

Three other categories were introduced this year: Best Fashion Retailer, Best Android Phone and Best Home & Electronics Retailer. Uniqlo, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Courts garnered the most votes in these respective categories.